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Water Diet

What is water diet?

When we say water diet, it conveys simply a message that your water intake should be adequate to supplement your other diet. In water diet you don't have to eat something extra but in addition to the other liquid diet you have to drink a specific quantity of water without which your digestion process may not be sound. This diet does not ask you to change your lifestyle and is also very simple. Generally eight glasses of water one should drink daily. This is the healthy and prescribed quantity by most of the health specialists. There is no more suggestions with this which makes you comfortable as to you don’t have to worry about the choices and options you look for with other diet session.

What to do water diet session

Water diet session is quite easy to follow. You have to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day but not just in one or two sittings. It should be spread through the day. What I mean to say is that you drink it as per your wish because drinking heavily at one time may make you uncomfortable. Your glass should also be of standard size. In other words, the quantity of water in the glass should not be less than 8 ounces. This should be standard size of the glass. One more important thing is that the water you drink should be pure and fresh. You can always use tape water, bottle water and filtered water. If the water is not pure you can boil it to make it pure as boiling will kill all the bacteria present in the water. Cold water is always preferred as it absorbs heat from the body. You may feel uncomfortable primarily and rushing to bathroom may be your compulsion but once you become used to take the water diet regularly your body will adjust to it.

Merits of water diet

You may wonder to know that 90 per of our body constituent is made up of water. So, you just can’t ignore it in your life. If you are obese you can loose weight by simply drinking cold water. Most interesting thing is that you don’t have to make any change in your daily routine and not even it your diet. But the weight loss process would be a gradual one. Drinking water to loose weight is not a quick fix solution. In addition to the weigh loss you may experience other benefits in your metabolism. Regular and proper water diet sets right your digestive system, cleans your body from inside and may even make your kidney and urethra stone free. It also brings glaze on your face and makes your skin shining.


There are some precautions also which you are supposed to take while going for water diet. Drinking excess of water may flush out the vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals from your body. Your kidney may have to work harder to adjust with the high intake of water. If you have heart disease, some adverse effects may come out and you might suffer from edema. Therefore, it is better to take vitamins and minerals as a supplement while drinking plenty of water. Do keep all these aspects in your mind and consult with a doctor before starting with this water experiment.


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