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The Ultimate New York Diet

A good way to stay fit

This self styled fitness plan has been coined by a well known author of America named David Kirsh. He offers this fitness plan which is composed of a balanced nutritional diet followed by certain exercises. This magic diet plan takes just two weeks and promises two transform your body to get a model like look. Nowadays young folks and most of the celebrities are ready to take this pain. Why not!! After all they are going to get their desired shape in just two weeks as the David, the author of the ultimate New York diet promises.

What exactly it offers

The ultimate New York diet offers mainly three things. First, incorporate healthy food and regular workouts in your daily routine. Second, go through the lists prescribed by the David and adhere to it wherever you go, be it hotel or any other place for your lunch and dinner. Third, don’t give any excuse and stick to the workouts prescribed by the author if otherwise losing weight and looking like a slim and trim beauty queen would be a day dreaming for you. This diet plan is divided into three phases and the complete session takes not less than 8 weeks with initial two weeks’ start up. The first two weeks emphasizes on nutrition when you have to take low calories foods with plenty of green vegetables and fruits followed by low calorie liquid diet. Chicken breasts, nuts, salmon, eggs, mushrooms, whey protein and low calorie vegetables are most preferred food items under this plan. In the second phase you are allowed to have carbohydrate enriched food. In third phase you may eat as you wish but not more than once in a week.

Prescribed workouts                                          

A good message given by the author of this diet plan is about the attitude that works a lot before you go for it. So putting aside all excuses, try to find time for workouts without which you will be left in the middle. Here you need to have commitment for your whole life. Do translate this practice into real action in the real sense of the term. Therefore, the author has formulated certain best exercise for the beauty lovers. But whatever promises are there in this diet plan, a quick fix plan for your diet may not last long. Although following this diet plan may result in weight loss but reading the writings on the wall may not be wise as the author has made a hype of this magic diet, some experts say. Precisely speaking, you just can’t impose something on you just because some models and celebrities have recommended for it. In practical life it may not be possible for every individual to stick to it unless they are comfortable with their daily routine. So, you better follow it but don’t get obsessed with it. After all obsession leads you nowhere. This is the moral of the story you have to keep in your mind.


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