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Sacred Heart Diet

The society nowadays seems to be obsessed with good looks and a perfect ten figure. Various crash course siet regimens, exercise programs, diet pills, health supplements and variety of other procedures are in rage both among the health conscious freaks and also the people who are prone to gain more weight. With many types of diets enjoying soaring popularity in the current days Sacred Heart Diet is becoming a rage among the fitness freaks. This diet is regarded as a very fast one and the very secret of the diet lies within its principle which helps in burning out more calories rather than taking it in. The digestive system in different individuals is of a different composition so the effect of this diet will also be completely different.

Hospital Connection

The hospital connection of Sacred Heart Diet is another interesting fact. The origin of this diet according to many can be traced back to the cardiology unit of the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital in the United States. There this diet came into existence because of the demand for helping the obese patients out inorder to shed of loads of weuught to undergo the cardiac surgery. However it should be noted that there is no such connection between the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital and the Sacred Heart Diet.

Basis of the Sacred Heart Diet

The basis of the Sacred Heart Diet is a well-prepared soup which will also help in cleaning your system of all kinds of impurities and also gives a complete feeling of absolute well-being. Because of its similarity with the Cabbage Soup diet it is more often known by the same name. The main basis of the diet is the soup and it can be consumed at any point of the day during the total span of 7 days in which one is following this special diet plan. This diet also promises a guaranteed of spectacular loss of weight in a matter of 7 days only. But you should always keep in mind that this is not a diet which you should follow in the long course as it is not a guaranteed fact that you will also loose sustainable weight in the long run.

Sacred Heart Diet Soup

The best part of this diet is the soup which can be taken at any point of time during the whole span of 7 days or ‘a week’. It is often a strict claim by the nutrionists that the soup consists of such ingredients which does allow the addition of any calories to that of a human body. The preparation of the soup is equally simple and requires the following ingredients like three large green onions, one or two stewed tomatoes can, one large can beef broth, two carrots, two green peppers, one bunch of celery, two cans of green beans and one packet of chicken noodle soup. The preparation time is about thirty minutes and you are just required to cut the vegetables and boil for ten minutes after which you are reuired to simmet the heat and allow the vegetables to become tender and following that you can season it with pepper, salt, parsley and Worcestireshire sauce. In order to reduce considerable weight in no amount of time no diet can be better than this.


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