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Diet Pills

Obesity is an alarming reality in today’s times, effecting adults and children alike. The introduction of magic diet pills as a sure shot way to control the problem of overweight is surely attractive to many. Due caution however needs to be exercised while using these diet pills and the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner is essential at all stages. Doctors as a rule prescribe diet pills only to those who have been unsuccessful in losing weight through traditional means. Diet pills are usually recommended to those who have a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 or to those whose BMI is 27 but have medical complications because of obesity.

Combination of Diet Pills

Diet pills work either by working on the brain chemistry; inducing a feeling of being full and decreasing appetite or by increasing food metabolism, blocking fat absorption, enhancing calorie burn up and inducing muscle build up. Either ways, it is essential to combine the diet pill with a change in the dietary habits and an effective exercise routine. Most diet pills, both those available on prescription and those available over the counter, are at various stages of research and are not free of side effects. Some common side effects include gastro intestinal problems like increased bowel movement, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Other side effects include dizziness, irregular heart rate and sleep disorders. As many of the diet pills have not been around in the market long enough, the long term side effects and long term effectiveness of these pills is questionable.

Effectiveness of Diet Pills

It is further found that the weight loss achieved by consuming diet pills is purely temporary and as soon as one stops taking the pill the weight comes right back on again. Many patients therefore continue taking the pills for much longer than their intended prescription time. The added risk is from the fact that the regulations for weight loss pills are less stringent than for other medication and therefore we can not be very sure of the extent of research that has been done into the potential side effects and purported effectiveness. As the consumer has no way of knowing what the pills contain and whether or not they match what the label says, caution and reliable medical advice are necessary. Many diet pills contain a variety of herbs and botanicals, laxatives and combinations of vitamins and minerals. How these combinations act or reactive individually and with each other is surely a matter of worry.


For those seeking diet pills as a method of weight loss it is therefore advisable that they consider all alternatives carefully prior to starting a diet pill routine. They need to consider firstly the need for such a drug, examine the diet pills available on prescription and over the counter, check the ingredients and how they work, consult someone with authoritative knowledge and only then take a diet pill. They further need to remember that there can be no magic solution to obesity. Diet pills may work, but they are most effective when combined with proper exercise and better dietary habits.


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