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Hoodia is a derived name from the botanical cactus plant Hoodia Gordonii found in only some remote places of South Africa in Kalahari Desert region. The secret and the use of the plant is said to have known for the locals in the region for around from 20000 years of inhabitance. The secret formula of the plant, gaining popularity very rapidly in recent days is for its weight loosing ability without any side effects. There are capsules, pills and syrups in many forms available for consumption. The cacti started gaining recognition globally from 1900s by anthropologists who observed the behavior of the local hunting people eating theses plants for suppressing the appetite in their long trips of hunting.

How does it Work?

All actions that are performed in body are brain controlled and as the human software guides and performs so remain the body which is vice versa also. The simple mechanism on which the Hoodia works is, according to the research conducted in Brown University scientists were unable to identify the glycosides steroidal that stimulates the hypothalamus part of the brain, regulating blood glucose level. This steroid fools brain effectively to think that body has enough energy to perform, that in order decreases the appetite. Hoodia is gaining popularity for its fast healing that is weight reducing capacity and no side effects of any kind. Hoodia has been said to have got the popularity in right time for especially the western obese world that has been suffering due to its Mc Donald food culture.


Hoodia has shown its importance and its existence adding economy to the developing Africa foot, South Africa. It is been named as one of the important items in the international trade of goods in South Africa. America is trying to gain control of the produce and the South African government has placed little cacti plants in protected list of its botanicals. But America has November 21, 2004 as a day of celebrations in this regard, Hoodia Gordonii was discovered in America and was popularized to have owned the plant in its native land in all the aired shows of NBC Today, ABC, CNN, BBC and most popular magazine Oprah’s. The popularity is due to the inefficiency of the scientists to make it genetically extracted and make protein synthesized products from Hoodia.

It is still been the tough task for the scientists to synthesize the naturally found potent effects of the plant. Major drug companies in the world by now have lost billions of amounts in researching and also sufficing the growing public demand. There are people who worry and are eager to lose weight soon. They are bothered how fast and how much they will lose? Answer to this is very simple that for losing weight more calories in the body needs to be burnt by eating right and exercising well. Hoodia and its products help the process by only keeping the hunger in control and not make them feel the hunger in turn making them eat less. For speeding the process of losing weight, once or twice daily exercising will give quicker results.



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