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Obesity Statistics

Obesity statistics are nothing but the results formulated in a graphical manner and sometimes depicted as a pie-chart, these indicate the percentage of obese people and the rate of increase of these obese people during the years. During the past years there is a dramatic increase in obesity all around the world. Currently, more then 64% of the US adults are either overweight or obese. In Europe the results are somewhat like 45% are overweight or obese and in Asian countries the results around to 35%. The percentage results differ from country to country and also within the age group.

Many Governments are taking these statistics into account and taking many preventive measures to reduce this rate as low as possible, in order to achieve this they are conducting many promotional activities, advertisements are being displayed in many major TV channels and also put at as hoardings at public places, different celebrities are also placing their hand in promoting this activity for a good cause. Different types of web-sites, books are made available for easy access so that the message will be reached to a major percentage of people and can be useful to a large extent. So we must be in a situation to make use of this valuable information.

Different types of methods are implemented in calculating these obesity figures, a huge number of professionally skilled people are deployed in running researches and analyzing the results to get this information on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. So many things can be learnt by us based upon this statistics, we can think ways to tackle this situation, we can also chart out plans to overcome this disease, many NGO’s are there which really help a lot in this regard. By the IOTF’s (International Obesity Taskforce) standards nearly 22% of boys and 27.5% girls aged between 2-15 were found to be over weight around the world. So mostly precautions must be taken from the childhood of any person so that the figures can be reduced a little bit down the line.

So even though the researches have been done and many people are putting their efforts in attaining the needed information and results being put out in different well known user friendly formats regards obesity, these efforts  must be gone in vain, actions must be taken by each and every individual to take the necessary steps against obesity.



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