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Body Mass Index

Very few people must be aware of the term Body Mass Index. The question might be striking your mind as well. It is nothing but is a statistical measure by which the weight of a person is scaled according to his height. The invention of the Body Mass Index took place between the period of 1830 and 1850. In the process of the development of ‘social physics’ Adolphe Quetelet invented the Body Mass Index. Most of the peoples are unaware of Body Mass Index. BMI is a calculation where a person's weight and height are estimated to know how fat a person is. It is mainly used by physicians and researchers for studying obesity. Body Mass Index Chart is calculated using a mathematical formula that uses a person's height and weight.

Almost everybody is aware of this fact that the primary tools for the assessment of the physical growth of a person are weight and height. In order to keep the physical developments within check regular height and weight checkups are an absolute necessity. In this matter you should regularly keep in touch with your doctors for health checkups.  In this case the Body Mass Index chart also comes in handy as it helps one to get the perfect weight for the given height of a person and is also known to be the ideal medical standard.

The calculation of Body Mass Index is not only different in case of men and women but also differs in the case of children. It is also seen that the Body Mass Index is higher in the case of overweight women. The normal weight is a person with BMI 18.5 to 24.9. A person whose BMI ranges between 25.0 to 29.9 is referred as overweight and with a BMI above 30 a person suffers from obesity. With obesity, the chance of fatal diseases like cancer and heart problems increases.  In the Body Mass Index formula two factors are important for determining the BMI. The height is calculated in inches and weight in pounds. You should also be aware of the fact that the interpretation of Body Mass level is different in case of different individuals and it is also not the whole story when it comes to the matter of weight. When your doctor says that there is a massive increase in your BMI levels then don’t just let it go on waste. Instead work on to lower down the BMI levels. Unlike the adult members the kids generally do not need to go on a diet to lower their Body Mass Index levels.

Body Mass Index is also not free of any shortcomings. Due to the reason that BMI is solely dependent on net height and weight, it is very simple to make assumptions that muscle and bone mass distribution. In some cases it leads to the overestimation of lean body mass. Some even conclude that it is not useful in the health evaluation. But it is evident from many researches that it has helped immensely in the evaluation of right body weight and height.  



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