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Rapid Weight Loss

You have made a decision to lose weight as quickly as possible in order to do that you have to diet and expect to follow religiously. There are a number of things that can effect your weight loss for instance family history can play a significant role also your weight loss will depend upon how much exercise you are doing as well as how much stress you are under. Theoretically if you do exercise daily you can upto twenty pounds a week however much of that weight could be water weight that means once you go off your diet you are likely to gain as much of that weight back. Naturally you have a way of protecting the body against excessive weight loss for instance your calorie may suddenly drop and your body will compensate for the fact by reducing your metallic rate.

Fast weight loss also places you at a greater risk for an eating order. You may be tempted to starve yourself leading to anorexia. This is why it is critically important to lose weight under physician care otherwise you could be doing more harm to your body. In order to lose weight at a rapid pace you need to understand that you need to eat what is healthy and need to understand what are the foods that fall in that category and need to understand what is the current diet and what food can come in the healthy category and what not. Most of the medical experts agree that one should not expect to lose weight more than one or two pounds a week in order to remain the body healthy however doctors believe that the go slow approach is best for long term weight loss otherwise it will end up with a number of health problems.

There are a number of options you can use to lose your weight for instance you can follow the diabetic diet. However it is vitally important that you accompany your diet with an effective exercise physician. One of the best exercise you can do it is walking exercise because if you do it you may lose two pounds a week. It is also said that you must keep dried foods such as popcorn away as it contain great amount of fat. do not fry the food as it contain lot of fat item in it. You must make a habit of drinking water about six to eight glasses of water as it keep your body hydrated and also helps in losing fat from the body.



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