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Fat Burning

Fat and glucose are considered to be two vital energy sources of body. Our body always burns a blend of fat and glucose.

Definition of Fat Burning

Fat Burning is necessary for the purpose of weight loss. It is also needed for body shaping, to maintain a good health, sometimes for sporting purposes. In a general case, human body burns the mix of carbohydrate like glucose. It burns the fat for fuel. Both kind of burning completely depends on the physical activities and the amount one has eaten in a day. Body on a usual manner burns the stored fats that one gathers from having food or drink. Some times body also burns protein to fuel us. It can be noticed when people starve, the body starts burning the stored fats within it.

How to burn fats

Fat burning during starvation: At the time of starvation, the body started burning the stored fats that one has gained from having food or drink. The burning process depends upon the family history mainly genetics. It also depends on the way one devours the food. During starvation the body starts breaking down the tissues to have fuel. Glycogen usually burns out quickly. It is also known as stored carbohydrate. Afterwards the fats under the skin the body burns out. The fats that are stored round the internal organs also burn out. During starvation after burning the fats, the proteins that are present in the muscle broken down and generate glucose. The protein brings forth glucose to keep the brain working and to make one conscious.

Exercise is another way to burn fats: During exercise, the rate of burning of calories is higher. A large portion of the calories usually came from fats. But at the time of low intensity exercises the rate of fat burning is higher. It is prudent that if one can extend the exercise duration will be able to burn more fats. According to some studies, it have been proved that working out for at least 30 mins to an hour in the morning after getting up will burn 3 times more fats than working out at other time of day. The reason behind this notion is that, we gather the carbohydrates from our meals. When we are sleeping for 6+ hours at night, these carbohydrates burns out to fuel many bodily functions. And at the time of getting up our body does not have any carbohydrates as on a usual manner the body already burned out all the carbohydrates. Thus during work out only the fats will be burns out.

After this morning workout one should not skip breakfast, as it will keep the body to balance the metabolism rates. The checklist to burn fat should be like,

  • Workout after waking up for 30 min to 1hou in the morning.
  • Consuming a healthy break fast.
  • And the process of burning fats and losing weight will be balanced.



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