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Green Tea Diet

Why Green Tea diet

Do you want to feel exactly the same what we feel. If yes then Green tea diet may be panacea for you. Here diet is just a misnomer. You are not going to eat something green every time. What you are supposed to do is to drink leafy tea and its supplements. That’s in total is called green tea diet. Diet conscious people, who want to stay away from obesity and all other silent killer like diseases, fall back upon this diet not just for the sake of themselves but for all those whom they love. Each one of you wants to stay young for once and all. And so they go by the various reports given by the researchers which claim that green tea diet leaves the sparkling effects on the human body. Yes, I know you will make your face bitter because green tea tastes bitter but wait a minute! I hope you are smart enough to get the point when I say something about its golden features.

Benefits of Green Tea diet

Many people across the globe enjoy green tea diet. Do you think they are fool? Not really. You might have heard a bit of it. Now read it and feel it for your psycho-satisfaction. First and really mind blowing is the fact green tea liquid or products reduce the chances of onset of cancer up to 55 percent. You stomach, colon, rectum and other internal body organs are least vulnerable to carcinoma if you are habituated to green tea diet. LDL is bad cholesterol that harms you in more than one way, I hope you know. But if you get this diet regularly, it will not only reduce the proportion of bad cholesterol but also improve the level of good cholesterol that is HDL. And so, you can eat as you wish in comparison to those who hate green tea products. Blood clotting may be fatal when it results in heart stroke and consuming the green extracts don’t let it happen as plaque formation in your arteries comes to minimal. Another leverage you are getting is that there is no fear of blood sugar and high blood pressure as green tea represses the angiotension responsible for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Some hidden benefits

Many of you might be addicted to common maladies like boozing and smoking. If you add one more to your daily routine, it will counterbalance the harmful effects of these modern day maladies. One bonus you are getting is that you are also killing the harmful bacteria in your mouth if smoking session is followed by tea session. Meanwhile, you are also promoting your immune system and going to stop the aging process as antibacterial and antioxidant properties of green tea are amazing. Stimulated metabolism and a healthy balance of fluid in your body may be some other advantages of green liquid diet.

Green tea liquid or pills

It hardly matters whether you take a sip of tea or gulp pills made from green tea extracts. It’s all the same. Both will do. And now it’s up to you what suits you or what exactly you prefer. Good thing is that you have options. You have no excuse as green tea pills are easily available in the market. Two to three pills would suffice your need, experts say. Lastly, the point is that you just can’t ignore it even if you don’t give up crunchy junk food.


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