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Lemonade Diet

“The Master Cleanse”, is another name of the lemonade diet. Actually, after passing through this diet process whole intestinal tract becomes empty. The purpose of this cleaner is to dissolve and eliminate congestion and toxins formed in the body. It also cleanses cells and glands of the whole body. It helps you get rid of unusable waste and solidified materials in the muscles and joints, and build up a healthy blood supply. It also helps maintain youthfulness and elasticity without considering the age. This lemonade diet is of great help when you feel that overweight is becoming problem or you need overhauling of your digestive system.

Process of Lemonade Diet

This diet is recommended for 10 days (40 or more days in highly serious case). The diet contains all required nutrition necessary during this diet session. Two to three times a year would help keep your health in wonderful condition. Frequent diet is recommended in severe conditions. To prepare this lemonade diet, 2 oz. of fresh lemon (never canned lime juice or lemon), 2 oz. of maple syrup (not maple flavoured sugar syrup) and ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper (red pepper) with 2 cups of water are needed. Mix all these ingredients and your diet is ready. All you need is 160 ounces per day.

The properties in lemon have hemostatic effect. It prevents internal bleeding through clotting components. Adding the cayenne pepper helps break mucus and add lift to the blood. It also increases the addition of vitamin B and C. Mint tea can also be used from time to time for pleasing change as it assists in cleansing. Its chlorophyll aids in neutralizing, purifying the body and mouth odours.

Instructions for Diabetic

Diabetes is a consequence of diet deficiency partly due to white flour and white sugar. The lemonade with molasses helps to adjust this deficiency. The molasses furnishes the essential components for the pancreas to develop insulin. As the essential components are provided to the pancreas, the quantity of insulin intake may also gradually decrease.

For beginners, take a bit less than a tablespoon of molasses with every glass of lemonade and decrease insulin around 10 units. Then onwards, decrease the insulin intake and increase the intake of molasses up to 2 tablespoons per glass. When the balance has been achieved, the insulin should be discarded. Now substitute the molasses with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup per glass. Make frequent checks of the sugar level in the blood and urine for your satisfaction and to get rid of any potential fear. Color therapy and Vita Flex can be applied to induce the pancreas, liver and spleen ensuring proper minerals supply.

Cleansing Effect

Lemonade is a purifying diet as it does away with poisons. If your feel disturbed, it is your system that is facing difficulty in excretion. Besides, try to have at least two or more motions a day, this may appear unwanted but its Nature’s way of discarding the waste from diverse organs and cells in the body. The better the evacuation, the more speedy will be the effects.


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