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Anti Aging Diet

What is anti aging diet?

Each one of us wants to look young and you may not be an exception to it. The anti aging diet prescribes some specific diet to halt the process of aging so that you may not look as old as you really are. This may prove some kind of magic but it may be possible in reality if you choose your diet cautiously. In other words, the diet may delay the process of aging. When you get older and older, the signs of aging start appearing not only on your face but also on your mind and you can easily notice wrinkles on your face in addition to low energy level and loss of memories. Moreover, you may also become more prone to different kind of diseases. But going the anti aging diet way may protect you from all this. If you start taking rich diet full of protein and vitamins and do some exercises daily, your longevity may increase. The idea behind this diet is that you should take less and less amount of anti oxidants in your diet which is the main cause of aging process bringing with it so many anomalies in your health. In the anti aging diet, you have to choose anti inflammatory foods that are helpful in slowing the aging process.

What to eat

At the stage when you are afraid of your aging process, do concentrate on healthy foods. Healthy foods comprise fruits, green vegetables, fish, legumes, wholegrain, yoghurt, barley, nuts and plenty of water. All these food items contain sufficient amount of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and good amount of calories also. Perricone, a well known health specialist of America has suggested ten power foods that are helpful in defying the age. Theses are Allium group of vegetables (like scallions, garlic chives, shallots, onion and garlic), acai fruits, wheatgrass, barley, hot peppers, lentils and beans, seeds and grains, sprouts and nuts. With these foods you may get back your lost energy level with sound health. These foods contain least anti oxidants and so your body is quite saved from all anomalies arising out of toxic substances. They do not contain fat that is responsible for raising the cholesterol level in your body and start inflammatory process also. With this anti aging diet you should take plenty of water also as water helps in digestion and flushes out toxic substances from your body. It hydrates your skin and regulates the circulation in the muscles. Thus your skin will become resilient and the skin’s structure remains same as it was. Moreover, it will work as a supplementary diet for you and therefore is an important component of the anti aging diet.


Blind imitation is always bad and in an attempt to regain your looks and vitality don’t get trapped with the over the counter products that may do more harm than good. Moreover, eating excess of fatty foods may raise new problems for you as you may gain more weight than required. Therefore, selection of foods should be wise and for that a doctor can be of best help for you.


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