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Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet does not include animal flesh. When we say animal flesh, it includes all animals like chicken, fish and any other such creatures. Rather, it emphasizes on foods based on plants. Plant based foods include all vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts. The vegetarian diet is basically of three types. These are vegetarian, lacto vegetarian and lacto-ovo vegetarian diet.

Simple vegetarian diet does not include any mutton item whereas lacto vegetarian includes dairy products also in addition to plant products. In lacto-ovo diet, eggs are also included in addition to the above two that are plant and milk based products

Components of vegetarian diet

It is better to know the components of vegetarian diet in detail so that if you are a strict vegetarian, it may help you out and you may not have to look for any other index. Plant products like all vegetables, all kinds of fruits, cereals, whole grain, seeds and nuts are the main bases of vegetarian diet. Moreover, you may also like to have milk products. Butter, cheese, and other dairy products also come under this sacred diet that you can always enjoy without any risk if you have normal health status. And be happy because you also get satisfaction with the fact that you are not going to miss non veg items as egg is also considered a veg diet.

Benefits of vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet is very virtuous. Apart from containing all needed nutrients like vitamin, proteins, it also provides you a variety of food items to satisfy your tastes. You get adequate amount of minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous and zinc also as this kind of diet contains all these minerals in sufficient amount. So far as the inclusion of egg is concerned, many people do not include egg in the veg diet. In any case, it does not make any difference and you can carry on with the rest variety even if you don’t eat eggs. One important feature of the vegetarian foods is that they are low in fat and you do not carry the risk of raising your cholesterol level. Therefore, you have less risk of blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer and any other coronary diseases. If you plan your diet carefully, you may supplement your body with all the indispensable nutrients. When you plan your diet, do consider about the ingredients like protein, vitamin B12, Iron, calcium and Zinc. Sometimes people may miss the proper amount of these ingredients when they rely only on vegetarian diet. Some precautions are also there for you such as; try to avoid sweets and fatty foods as they carry high calories but not all nutrients. Raw grains should also be a part of your diet. Choose fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin B and C. These are some useful tips for vegetarian folks. Now it is quite up to you how you plan your diet. But at the same time it also depends on the level of your knowledge regarding the quality of fruits and vegetables that contain these essential ingredients. For that you may consult a good dietician who may provide you better suggestion and help you choose the diet in right perspective.


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