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Mayo Clinic Diet

A new approach to lifestyle

The Mayo clinic diet is nothing but a new approach to manage your health and fitness. There are hundreds ways you can keep yourself fit and fine managing your weight going beyond the limit. And therefore new ways and means are being invented to cope with the upcoming health problems arising as a result of overweight. Mayo clinic diet is one plan which promises good results within a limited span of time. This diet is bases mainly on foods like eggs and grape fruit. The grapefruit here works a fat burner and eggs give you adequate calories. This diet plan put no restriction on the quantity of fruit and vegetables you eat daily. Rather, you have variety of choices and you can choose any options as per your taste. Apart from weight loss, the Mayo clinic also claims to control high blood pressure and high level of blood cholesterol if you observe this diet regularly. This way you can minimize the risk of heart and other cardio vascular diseases. People having cardiac problems need to loose weight quickly to save their life and so changing life style going the Mayo clinic diet way may produce positive results. Thus the Mayo clinic experts have formulated good diet plan to make you live longer and healthier. But eating the selected food is not enough, this diet maker says. Physical activity is also one the main constituents of this diet session. Precisely speaking, exercise and workouts also play the pivotal role in bringing the desired results for you.

What to Eat in Mayo Clinic Diet Plan?

Now question arises as to what to eat following the Mayo clinic plan. Here the food items prescribed are not new for you and you just have to fall back upon them. Fish, lean protein, canola oil, olive oil, beans, nuts, unsaturated fats and whole grains are the most favored items of mayo diet plan. In addition to all these stuffs grape fruit is most important items this diet plan emphasizes on. This is because the fruit which activates your metabolism and start the fat burning process. The specialty of this new approach to life is that there is food is off your limit. That is why many people are of opinion that Mayo clinic diet may do more harm than good as it may raise your blood sugar and hypertension. But it is quite up to you as options are there for you. You better choose low fat diet although the said diet plan offers to eat fat enriched food to help control your hunger. The logic behind going for the fat enriched diet is that restrictive diet can not be carried on for longer period and above all you may not be satisfied with what you eat. Now you may ask about the success rate of the Mayo diet plan. Although there is numerical data available on its success rate people going on this diet have claimed that they have experienced quick weight loss and time it takes is not more than two months. So what’s up? What’s wrong in trying it at least once?


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