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Cholesterol Diet

What is cholesterol diet?

Cholesterol diet refers to the diet composition consisting of low fat diet. In other words, it does not connote food articles that raise your cholesterol level but it does mean that it lowers your bad cholesterol level and at the same time supplements you with good cholesterol level. Now it’s not difficult to understand that cholesterol is of two types; good cholesterol that is HDL and bad cholesterol that is LDL. Good cholesterol contains more protein than fat whereas bad cholesterol contains more fat than protein. So, cholesterol is basically a lipid and is synthesized in your body. It happens when you eat food and so cholesterol level in your body depends upon the kind of diet you fall back upon. Although cholesterol is must for our body but excess of it is bad for health. Therefore a good cholesterol diet is always preferred to maintain a healthy body. In other words what you eat should be bad cholesterol lowering diet to protect yourself from diseases like blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Thus when you prepare your diet chart, you have to discard all fatty food which raise bad cholesterol while adhere to all those substances that gives you protein raising the good cholesterol level in your body.

Healthy cholesterol diet

If your cholesterol level is high your doctor will advice you to take all those food stuff that is supposed to maintain a low cholesterol level in your body. A healthy cholesterol diet contains plenty of soluble fiber which is found in green vegetables, fruits, oats and beans.  The diet association of the Federal Government of America has found evidence that the food containing stanols found in plant is very helpful in lowering cholesterol. Here are some suggestions regarding cholesterol diet which may save you from high cholesterol and its bad effects. If you are found of eating meat, don’t forget to eliminate fat from it before cooking. Always prefer to eat large proportion of cereals, pulses and grain with small quantity of meat or fish. If you just can’t resist eating non vegetarian food, chicken, fish and turkey may be a good option for you as these things contains low cholesterol. Say no to full cream and take skimmed milk. Monounsaturated oil is good instead of saturated oil. Ordinary cheese also raises your fat, so better to use reduced fat type cheese. Roast your food but try to retain the natural juice in your food. There are five items called super food for lowering cholesterol and therefore you can always trust them. These are oats, soya, foods fortified with plant stenol, nuts and fish that is full of omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to all these food stuffs, keep vigil on your diet and try look for the new products that come up in the market meant for lowering cholesterol. Your attitude matters much and that will always help you get better cholesterol diet. It will be the best remedy for all your vices.


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