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High Protein Diet

What is high protein diet?

A high protein diet is meant for bodybuilders who are found of heavy muscles. Moreover, it is also recommended for those who want to loose their extra fat. High protein diet does not mean high calorie diet which may contain heavy fats, not god for health. Protein, on the other hand is a body building substance which gives your muscles a good make up. It also strengthens the body tissues. So far as the quantity of protein is concerned, there is no consensus on this issue. But normally .06gm to 1.5 gm protein is recommended per day. Many health specialists are of opinion that taking more than the recommended amount of protein is not beneficial and excess protein is either burnt or excreted. In any case the protein is indispensable for the physical growth and good health and you just can’t ignore it.

Benefits of High Protein Diet

Apart from being a body building substance, the high protein diet boosts you energy level also. It also reduces your carbohydrate contents in the body and raises the antioxidant level. This way, it raises you body immune system and makes your body less prone to diseases.

High protein diet components

There are many foods that are protein rich and are therefore popular among bodybuilders and other health conscious people. Some of the most common high protein diets are following:

Whey protein: You can get whey protein in cow’s milk. Whey protein in cow’s milk is natural in nature and contains lots of amino acids. It not only provides body building material but also suppresses your hunger. This way it is helpful for those who want to loose their weight. It acts as a complimentary diet for the obese people.

Casein : It is also a liquid protein diet found in milk. It contains less fat and cholesterol and is therefore good for overweight people. Butter, cheese and other milk products contain casein and are good high protein diet.

Turkey : Turkey is a kind of lean meat. It also contains les fat and works as a supplement to your meal if you need protein in the diet.

Nuts : It is high protein diet but also contains high fat. But the good part is that it is fibrous and is helpful in digestion and keeps your intestine clear. The protein found in the soy is of low quality but still it provides your body a good amount of protein content.

soy : Soy contains high protein content and provides strength to your muscles. It also raises your immune level and protects your from some serious diseases like heart stroke, cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.


But taking high protein diet may not always prove beneficial as there are side effects involved in taking it blindly. You may feel fatigue, constipation, low calcium level, kidney and renal failure if your body system is not able to sustain high protein diet. Therefore, it is always better to check your doctor if you want to enjoy this kind of diet.


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