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Cambridge Diet

The very name of Cambridge Diet gives us the impression of a very strict diet opted with the purpose of shedding the extra kilos to remain fit and fine. This is in fact one of the most low calorie diet and is practised in a major rate in the western countries. This paticular weight loss plan was developed in the 70s era by the renowned health specialist Dr. Alan Howard. When this form of diet was introduced it was primarily meant for the purpose of weight loss but after sometime around 1980s it was launched as a purely commercial health product in the market of United States. In fact such is the popularity of the diet in United States that it is believed that more than 15 million people have benefitted out of it.

Cambridge Diet Formula

The Cambridge diet formula if worked with much effort and determination can yield wonderful results. Besides as a weight loss property of starvation it also provides enough protein which helps in the protection of the lean tissue. In fact the meals provided in the pack has all the essential nutrients that the body of an individual needs to function in an effective manner. The food in the nutritious packets comprises of health shakes, nutrition bars, soups, oats or formulas available in a variety of flavors. The formula also requires a minimum amount of eight glasses water intake. When somebody is going through the diet program it discourages chewing gum, alcohol and exercises which require much energy.

Efforts and effectiveness of Cambridge Diet

To gain success with this diet you need to follow four essential stages. They include:

  • Preparation of diet
  • Focus and determination on loosing weight
  • Stabilizing weight
  • Maintenance of weight

Precautions and Recommendations on Cambridge Diet


If you have decided to opt for the Cambridge diet you must check out with the doctor first and take his advice on the basis of his observation of your health. In fact all of the Cambridge customers must complete a Customer Medical Record form to check whether they would be using the diet with or without food. However you must also be aware that one cannot expect wonder results in a metter of few days. As it is often seen that no two individuals are like and so is their body parts and functions. Due to difference in their body structure and composition the weight loss might also differ. However it is seen that the program helps in reducing a minimum of three kgs per week. In the first week the results are highly distinct as the fluid loss takes place at a maximum level. You might also put and end to the program once you feel that you have achieved your desired weight. You must also keep in mind that your target body weight should always be 1 or 2 kgs below your ideal weight. Cambridge diet has helped millions of people to reduce weight and help them keep themselves fit and fine.


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