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Diabetes Diet

Diabetes is a serious health related issue in the present times. Diabetes diet is esepcially designed and formulated to help the diabetes patients keep themselves within check. It can be used in a number of ways such as by combining it with insulin or with drugs which are oral hypoglycemic. However the main objective of the diabetes diet is the maintenance of ideal body weight by providing adequate nutrition in body alongwith the normal levels of blood sugar in the blood. The diabetic patients also have to take other considerations in their mind such as high levels of cholestrol and high blood pressure.

Factors of Diabetes Diet

While planning properly for the diabetes diet one should keep in mind the following factors which would inturn help the individual to observe the changes in their health for good.

  • The diabetes patients are recommended to have 4-5 small meals in a day rather than having three heavy meals in a day.
  • The intake of bakery products and fast food should be immediately replaces with simply whole cooked meals.
  • One should not opt for a consumption of carbohydrates two hours before going to bed.
  • It is very necessary to opt for fine servings of fresh fruits and vegetables five times a day.
  • Less oil should be used in cooking.
  • Ready to eat food preparations must be avoided at an extreme level.
  • You must also keep a regular check on your weight.

Recommendations of Diabetes Diet

The golden formula for diabetic patients is low fat, low calories and high fibre. It is a usually recommended on an average 1500 calories for that of a diabetic obese patient but it varies from patient to patient. The high fiber intake for diabetic patients is because fiber absorbs water and helps the patients consume less as the stomach seems to be very full. It also helps in the loss of weight and checks constipation. Usually it is seen that the diabetic patients do not split their meals and also does not give much importance to fresh fruits and vegetables. But diabetic patients always need to take care of their food habits and special care has to be taken in case of meals with energy value. A bland and boring siet is not advised but the diet rich in minerals and nutrition should be the prime target of the patients suffering from diabetes.

Diet makes a significant contribution in the treatment of diabetes. The main objectives of the diet is to maintenance of adequate nutrition in the body, maintenance of normal levels of blood sugar, achievement and maintenance of desirable body weight and also prevention or delay of degenartive complicaions. The vital points which the diabetic patients need to take in consideration are the determination of energy requirements, presence of blood pressure complications and high levels of choestrol. The foods which the diabetic patients can use freely are green leafy vegetiables, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, soups, tea, buttermilk and beverages without sugar. If the diet is kept within check for diabetics than they are bound to stay happy and healthy lifelong.


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