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Suzanne Somers Diet

Suzanne Somers diet is basically a food plan authored by the famous celebrity named Suzanne Somers. The diet has become popular more because a celebrity's name is attached to it though the diet offers healthier foods good for health and fitness. Although there is nothing new in this diet plan but like other diet plan it also offers a good solution to those who are sick of their daily illness. Suzanne suggests fruits vitamins, green vegetables and carbohydrate enriched foods. But all these have to be taken in a set pattern so that you may bear fruit the way you want exactly. Suzanne claims the same effects with confidence. She is of opinion that carbohydrate should always be there with vegetables and fruits should be eaten only when your stomach is empty. When you eat protein it should be associated with fat containing foods. This is the right combination of diet one should take for a good result.

What to eat and what not

The good aspect of this diet is that it offers a large range of options and menu but at the same time suggests avoiding some food items that are not good for health. Suzanne is not in favor of taking white flour and sugar. Rather she emphasizes on the fact that the combination of fibrous and natural food is better as it activates the fat burning process in the body and gives sufficient calories to our body. She also suggests to take tea and coffee that do not contain caffeine but does not favor high power drinks. The main logic behind this diet plan is to loose weight. Not only this diet also promises that once you stick to this diet plan you would be able to maintain a healthy weight. But diet may not alone help you out if do not apply your common senses and avoid exercise and workouts, Suzanne says. Regular exercise keeps you fit and don’t let your muscles go wayward. So far as the amount of calorie is concerned, this diet plan does not allow more than 1200 hundred calories per day. This would suffice your need. This is the limit at which you eat any diet of your choice and at the same time may loose your weight desirably.

Authenticity of Suzanne's Diet

Although the diet plan offered by Suzanne is not clinically proved and there is scientifically proved evidence regarding its positive effects but still people prefer to stick to it does not prescribe too many restrictions for them. Moreover this diet plan has followed the guidelines given by USDA and some other organization related to health in the USA. Now it is quite clear that Suzanne’s diet is not something like magic that will prove magical but if followed properly, it may help you out if you are worried about your health status. This diet plan is nothing but a new lifestyle and approach to keep you the way you want to live. You can carry on with it for life and can be applied by both male and female though it is aimed at providing a good option for beauty and health conscious women


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