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Obesity is a condition which is abnormal for any human from his normal body condition.

An increase in the fat content from the normal level will effect this disease. This is now-a-days spreading to many people all around the world, even though it is not an infectious disease like other viruses that we might have seen these days. This may arise due to heavy calorie food irregularly taken in.. There may be many definitions explaining the in-depth meaning of obesity but here we can say in a very simple way like as follows:

“Obesity is that condition that comes out due to the excessive fat that is stored inside the body”. This can be explained taking the Body Mass Index(BDM) into account like, Obesity is the weight that is 20% more then the normal weight of the body that must we must have otherwise, this is calculated based upon the height, age and weight of an individual into account. This obesity will not only increase the fat content it also effects other organs of the body due to which many life threatening diseases will come into picture apart from normal state of the body. The above definition of Obesity indicates in such a way& that the one who reads this article will know what are the do’s and don’ts that they have to follow in order to escape themselves from Obesity to some extent.

Lack of exercise also leads to this problem, normally people are following irregular life-styles due to which they neglect their daily exercise to the body, the eating habits are increased comparatively more then before so the result is fat content being at more level then it was supposed to be. Improper diet will lead to this threatening disease, normally now-a-days many people who are working in corporates are following irregular work timings, they work a lot and sometimes they neglect to take their diet on time due to which this condition arises very easily. The amount of calories that we take also depends on how to regulate this disease.

Changing our food habits or lifestyles and work-cultures will really effect in arising this threatening disease, in some cases hereditary impact will be there from their ancestors so a small percentage of the population around this world is effected in this way. When some people in one country migrate to another country then their food habits will change a lot, due to which there is a more chance of this disease coming into picture.



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