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Green Tea And Hoodia

Green tea and hoodia are the diet suppressors used by the people who are fat. There are some common simple questions that have to be looked into and then go for the details of the fat burners mentioned above. Fat burners are used by obese persons are who have put on lot of unnecessary weight. How did they gain so much of weight? This is simple which can be physiological and in some cases psychological. Physiological changes brought about in gaining weight can be because of eating habits that is of two types. One being some people eat because of not feeling full and the other case is that people eating fast and too much. The case of reducing weight through the diet suppressants can be dealt for the changes brought in body due to physiological changes and not the psychological ones related to worries and tensions.

Why to go for suppressants?

How doe these suppressants work on body? Is another question to be answered. These suppressants are experts in tricking and fooling the brain. In lay man words it is all on the controlling of the central nervous system that sends signals and information to brain about body’s metabolism and working. Hoodia has p57 element which is glucose that sends information to the hypothalamus of the brain that stomach is full by increasing the variations in blood glucose level. That is it brings the condition in the stomach to be as normal like the condition to be after taking meals. Thus brain receives the information and never operates on making us feel hunger. This results in no food intake burning the fats present in the body.

Green tea effects

Green tea behaves the same way but bit differently by increasing the metabolic activity of the body. Green tea has caffeine that is best in utilizing the fatty acids in the body. The ability of green tea in reducing the weight is due to its increase oxidation of fats i.e., burning of fats. But as green tea has caffeine it is a stimulant and causes some side effects such as increased hear beat rate which are not dangerous. Green tea has other benefits to give to body like anti inflammatory and anti bacterial that is fighting the disease causing bacterias. This is also said to bring glow in the skin.

Hoodia is said to have no side effects in general but recent studies reveal that hoodia is no exception to side effects when used in long terms. In long term hoodia is said to affect liver. All diet suppressants or the fat burners are best if used in short term. Weight is reduced and fast results are experienced when any suppressant is taken with regular workouts and with planned dietary habits. If this is not followed the suppressants like green tea or hoodia will have to be taken for long term causing some side effects. Though both of them are herbal products it is foolishness to consider them to be free from side effects as in common people believe and tend use them in irregular ways.



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