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Hoodia Oprah

Hoodia is well known for its weight loosing capacity without side effects. Oprah Winfrey is also known to all as a celebrity. Hoodia actually came to be known to all through video shows and its reviews on Oprah magazine which is of Oprah Winfrey. Now the connection between Hoodia and Oprah is well established as claimed by some through media. It was said that Oprah uses herself the hoodia product and hence she is giving more publicity through her magazine and video shows. There were also claims that Oprah herself endorses certain product of hoodia. But surprisingly it is said to be there is no truth behind these claims. Is these claims are true to some extent? Answer is both yes and no according to the varied responses.

How true it is?

But the claim is strongly ignored by many writers and reviewers for not having any evidences regarding hoodia being seen on Oprah or Oprah using hoodia for supporting it. The strong point for this argument is that if one browses her website there is no any term hoodia or hoodia Oprah when searched then how could it be true? No claims can be made until and unless concrete evidence is available about the issue. This is also said as the gossip spread by the marketing and vending people taking name of the celebrity to increase the sales and make big profits and have succeeded. But there lies a fact of hoodia being written in her magazine in a article published in the issue of July 2005 titled Diet pills. This article was in general but had the photograph of San tribe holding Hoodia herb.


But the article in that issue had no hoodia related to it and also it was written by some one and had no Hoodia Oprah connection which can be claimed of. But still when searched online about Hoodia many articles do speak of Oprah show, but these are false. The article in the O magazine though speaks of Hoodia pills and its effects in first two paragraphs have no significant topic on it. Then how could the hoodia Oprah connection is built. Therefore though many websites and magazines reviewing diet pills and fat burner supplements do speak hoodia Oprah connection it is to be just ignored without making it a issue.

Another important thing for these issues to be raising on hoodia Oprah connection is that Oprah’s legal authorities have not knocked the court doors for many using her name falsely for endorsing their product. This is a big hit on the fellows who write and speak of reality of her no connection with Hoodia. The article published in her magazine two years back is being twisted and is turned to prove the connection between hoodia and Oprah claiming what they say to be true. But the reality will be known only when the claims will raise afresh that Hoodia is being endorsed by Oprah or some kind of relation between Hoodia and Oprah is well built.



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