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Hoodia Review

Hoodia is a cactus kind of plant that grows in Kalahari deserts and other surrounding regions of Namibia, Botswana, Angola, and South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii is the Latin name of hoodia. Hoodia though was very well known among the san tribes of the region and was used by them since ancient times; it became popular in recent years. It got its hype and started to sound commercially well after the ban of Ephedra by FDA of USA. There was always immense demand for the diet pills that was filled up by ephedra. After its end the same demand got focused on Hoodia. Since then Hoodia has been internationally acclaimed as one of the trading item and has been getting good revenue to the South African government to which the patent of the plant belongs.


Hoodia's popularity is also raised from claims that the herb has been used by the san tribes of the region since ages during their long hunting days to suppress the hunger. It is said that the tribal people there would eat the stem part of the plant that tastes bitter. Hoodia as a plant grows in group of green stems. Hoodia resembles cactus in its looks but actually it is a succulent plant. There are 13 types of Hoodia plants and hoodia gordonii is being used as a diet suppressant for it is the only plant having p57 element. Hoodia is sold in the form of capsules, pills and liquids.


Hoodia works as a diet suppressant by sending information to brain that blood glucose is in sufficient quantities in turn making the brain to believe and it will not sense the hunger. Due to this effect of Hoodia caused by p57 element of it on brain we feel no hunger in turn reducing diet that results in loss of weight. Hoodia is said to have no side effects but recent researches have identified Hoodia to have some side effects on liver in long terms. Hoodia is completely safe if used as a short term suppressant. Hoodia has received international recognition for its fast curing results and with very less side effects if taken in long term or no side effects at all. But hoodia is available in many forms and what form of hoodia will give best result? Hoodia liquid is generally said to give faster results for it will be absorbed directly into the blood stream.


As the demand for Hoodia is increasing and the need is growing in especially western countries there are many fake products of Hoodia hitting the market. This is a hard task for the new consumer to identify the original hoodia. As per the study related to Hoodia market maximum of Hoodia products available are fake products. There are also many online companies claiming to be hoodia manufacturers which are operating secretly selling the fake products. It is left to the consumer on whom to rely and doing a good survey of the availability of the product and then finally buying from a authorized reputed dealer would result in getting the pure Hoodia diet suppressor.



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