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Mediterranean Diet

What is Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet is a kind of dietary pattern containing fibrous food and other low fat containing items. These food items are full of monounsaturated fat which is supposed to be good for health. This diet pattern is more popular in the countries of Mediterranean basin. That is why it is better know as Mediterranean diet. There are many things common between the traditional diet and the Mediterranean diet of this region. Some of these are wheat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, red wine fish and olive oil. But what make it different from the traditional one are the low fat food items which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What makes one go for it?

Although people out there tend to prefer to eat fatty food but even then they are least cases of least cases of cardiovascular diseases among them. This is because olive oil consumed by them keeps their blood cholesterol level in control. Not only has this it keeps their blood pressure and blood sugar in check. This may seem paradox but it’s true. Moreover, it also makes them least vulnerable to the peptic ulcers. Other component of this diet like red wine is best known for its antioxidant property. In addition to it, the said diet is full of iron and calcium as we know that green vegetables and fruits are good sources of iron and calcium. Precisely speaking the Mediterranean diet provides adequate quantity of nutrients needed for a healthy body.

Some common components of the Mediterranean Diet

  • Least processed and fresh food
  • Seeds, beans, nuts, tomatoes, green vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Olive oil and not butter
  • Yogurt and low fat containing cheese
  • Fish and eggs in limited amount
  • Red meat not more than twice in a month
  • Grains, bread and pasta
  • Sweets like ice-creams, pastries  

Does Mediterranean Diet follow any legal recommendation?

Many countries across the world recommend a dietary chart for the benefits of their citizens. The federal government of America and the governments in European countries are very much concerned about the health of their people. But Countries bordering the Mediterranean basin follow the aforesaid diet pattern which a little from the legal recommendation. But still, people out their run less risk of health hazard.

Is Mediterranean diet the only way?

Not really! Yes, it’s true that monounsaturated diet is good for health but only if this diet pattern is followed by a certain lifestyle. What we mean to say is that you daily routine has much to do with your health status. A dull and irregular life style may counter balance your healthy intake, be it Mediterranean or any other magic diet. In other words, if you want to stay fit and fine, your lifestyle should be characterized by orderliness. Walking, jogging, and some other physical activities are a must for you. Playing indoor games like badminton, volleyball and swimming may better serve your purpose.

What not to do

Of course red wine is supposed to be one of the major components of this diet but always remember that excess of every thing is bad. You are not supposed to consume unlimited quantity of it. It may do more harm than good. Go for it but be judicious play a safe game if otherwise it will defeat your purpose. And particularly, pregnant women are not supposed to consume not only for the sake of herself but for her unborn baby too. Now the choice is yours !!!


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