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South Beach Diet

In a society obsessed with good looks and perfect bodies, diet pills and crash diets which promise effortless weight loss are a rage. It is now widely know that there is no quick fix solution to weight loss and to maintain the prefect body, one has to work at it. An exercise routine and a strict well balanced diet are the most efficient keys to a healthy body and mind. Among the many popular diets these days, one gaining ground is the South Beach diet advanced by Dr. Arthur Agatston an eminent cardiologist.

Basis and ingredients of South Beach Diet

The SouthBeach diet is based on the premise that if a diet is able to cut the supply of sugar and glucose, the primary sources of energy; the body will turn to fat for its energy supply. This will induce burn up of fat, thus leading to weight loss. The SouthBeach diet is distinct from other low carbohydrate diets in its distinguishing between carbs and fats that are good for us and carbs that are bad. It also edges every individual to look for their own special dietary requirements and how their individual body reacts to specific foods. The SouthBeach diet tries to address the concerns of other diets in terms of how good they are for the heart, how effective they are in effecting weight loss and how acceptable it is to those who need to follow it. One of the reasons that most diets fail is that they impose severe restrictions on the food intake and work on very strict controls, leading to a number of people dropping out after starting.

Effectiveness of South Beach Diet

The SouthBeach diet is claimed to be more efficient because of its focus on using good carbs to fight weight gain and support weight loss and also because it is easier to follow. Better compliance to the diet laid down without dropping out mid way make the SouthBeach diet more successful than other crash diets being floated. Compliance and coherence to the SouthBeach diet is made easy because the diet is divided into three phases, and the rules are more relaxed in each subsequent phase. The first phase, just two weeks long, imposes severe restrictions on the food intake and sees a noticeable weight loss as food like bread, rice, potatoes and even fruits are not included. The second phase is more liberal and introduces various foods like whole grains and fruits chosen each selected on its individual glycemic index. As individual requirements and body chemistry varies, how long second phase lasts and what food is allowed differs greatly. The third phase which goes on all life long further expands the choice of foods and retains focus on maintenance of the body weight and health with a healthy and balanced diet.

Popularity of South Beach Diet

While many diets fail, SouthBeach diet succeeds because it is flexible. One may go back to the earlier phases in case of weight gain and one can constantly reevaluate the diet as per individual needs. A tasty and healthy palette laid out by the SouthBeach diet make it an efficient and worthwhile diet.


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