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Biblical Food Diet

Biblical food means what?

Do you want to go god’s way to have a good health? Of course, you will. Actually it’s not that you have to do something extra terrestrial. The bible, a sacred scripture not only satisfies your divine hunger but also discusses some issues related to food. After all, God wanted to see you healthy and brimming with energy and so he sent some messages for us as to what to eat and what not. That way Bible mentions some food that one should take in one’s diet to stay healthy. That is why they are known as Biblical food diet. The main components in the Biblical food are green vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and useful herbs found in the nature. At the same time there are foods mentioned in the Bible that are not meant for human beings. They are some kind of meat and fish like shellfish and pork that are not allowed in the Bible. Actually the God was of opinion that these food items were not good for human health point of view. Jesus himself used to eat fish and it goes without saying that the modern science has proved that fish barring certain fish, as the Bible says, is protein rich diet and therefore good for health.

Components of bible food

The bible says that eating excess fat leads you nowhere. Therefore, it is better to rely on natural foods. These are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Among vegetable, onions, garlic, cucumber and leeks are most favored Biblical diet. Grapes, apples, berries, pomegranates, figs, apricots and melon are the beloved fruits of the Jesus. The moral of the story is that these foods are full of carbohydrate, proteins and vitamins and provide all healthy nutrients for our body. Now it is quite obvious that without protein and carbohydrate nobody can claim to remain healthy. And if taken in right proportion, this kind of nutrition can work wonder for your health. Moreover, Bible also suggests for milk and dairy products as they provide sound make up for our body.

Benefits of Biblical food diet

The point is that Biblical food diet is a natural way to secure a permanent good health. In addition to it, it also provides a good solution to those who are obese and have become very much prone to many other diseases. If this diet plan is followed strictly, one may reduce one’s weight and thus minimize the risk involved in being overweight. Once you are habituated to this kind of diet you start avoiding those junk foods full of fats that raise your blood cholesterol level. But going the other way round what is said in the Bible on the diet, you may secure a better future and live long. Most of you spent much time on other things that are not so important but still takes your time. But if you concentrate on the chapter of Bible discussing Diet issues, you may start taking interest on issues that should be your real priorities.


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