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Low Carb Diet

Maintaining a healthy mind and a perfect ten figure seems to be the rage of the current generation health conscious freaks. Getting started with the low carb diet implies the reduction of the level of carbohydrate that you intake at the time of meal consumptions. Low carb diets also give you the best opportunity to get started to shed off those extra kilos which prevents you from donning your favorite tank top. Low carb diet is also known as ‘low glycemic diet’. In fact low carb diet encompasses many kinds of diet books including the likes of Atkins Diet, Diet for Carbohydrate Addicts, South Beach Diet and also various forms of eating plans. It provides the health conscious freaks with the valuable advice of limiting the consumption of food items with a high carbohdrate concentration.

Benefits of Low Carb Diet

It should be noted that there are a lot many benefits attached to low carb diet. Some of the benefits have been thoroughly researched by the scholars while there are others which are yet to be discovered. It has also been demonstrated scientifically that low carb diet has lots of benefits. In fact the benefits are visible by the end of the first week itself. It provides increased energy level. Those people who crave for sweets also do not have the same intention. No amount of ‘brain fog’ takes place and there is better mental concentraion. Emotions tend to get more even and the moods also show a great amount of flexibility. Emotional or compulsie eating does not show in the individuals. The dental hygiene also tends to show an improved status. The health of the gum is shown to be improved and there is less of dental plague. Further benefits of low carb diet include lesser number of headaches, vast improvement in the appearance of skin, improved PMS, improvement in the gastrointestinal symptoms and many others. It has also been seen that people consuming low carb diet are also able to court various kinds of court diseases.

Disadvantages of Low Carb Diet

As fruits and vegetables comprises of an increased level of carbohydrates and fibers, these are not allowed to be consumed in the low carb diet. This particular kind of diet is also believed to have an inadequate fiber intake which is not at all good for health. According to the latest researches it has also been seen that the low carb diet tend to damage the kidneys in the long run. It also tends to suck in the calcium content present in the bones.

Views on Low Carb Diet

In some cases low carb diet s believed to be very healthy. But it is also true that the low carb diets also do not have the right proportion and balance. The low carb diets are also believed to encourage cycles including loss and regain of weight and also yo-yo dieting which is also termed as a vital risk factor in the long run. So it is always advised that to go for the doctor’s advice before opting for any kind of diet.


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