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Cabbage Soup Diet

Quick fix solutions for every conceivable problem seem to find greater favor in general than long term ones. It is this quick weight loss that the followers of Cabbage Soup Diet aim to achieve. A short term weight loss solution, generally followed up by a more moderate long term diet plan, the Cabbage Soup Diet is a fiber rich, low-fat diet, which allows the dieter to get in-shape, or lose a reasonable amount of weight in just seven days.

Ingredients and procedure of Cabbage Soup Diet

A seven day diet plan, to be followed strictly for just seven days at a stretch, the Cabbage Soup Diet can be reverted to after a gap of two weeks for a seven day stretch again. The cabbage soup is a specially brewed concoction with onions, mushrooms, carrots and green pepper and other seasoning besides the cabbage. Cut, sliced and cooked for over two hours, the soup contains plentiful fibers and is very low on fat. On day one of the seven day regimen, the dieter eats fresh fruits, except bananas, with the specially prepared soup. On day two, fruits are replaced with leafy green vegetables to accompany the soup, and the dieter is even rewarded with baked potatoes and butter. On day three both fruits and vegetables, with the exception of potatoes go with unlimited helpings of the soup. Day four, which aims to suppress the craving for sweets, requires the dieter to eat up to eight bananas and drink skimmed milk besides the soup. On the fifth day ten to twenty ounces of beef and tomatoes are served with at least one portion of soup, and the dieter can even opt for chicken or broiled fish instead of beef. Day six the dieter eats beef and vegetables with the soup and on day seven brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened juices are permitted in limitless quantities. Water intake is emphasized throughout the diet.

Disadvantages of Cabbage Soup Diet

Seemingly well balanced and easy, the Cabbage Soup diet is surely not a wholesome weight loss program. It is not necessarily easy to adhere to the Cabbage Soup Diet and almost all of the weight lost in the seven day plan is in the form of water. The Cabbage Soup Diet is tough to follow through because of the blandness of cabbage. No doubt flavoring and seasoning can be added to make the soup mare palatable, it is nevertheless pretty tasteless and can be hard on the stomach. Also, dieters complain of feeling light headed and tend to be irritable while on the diet. Packed with highly nutritious fruit and vegetables, the Cabbage Sup diet is very low on fat, and therefore effective in achieving weight loss. The weight loss achieved while on the Cabbage Soup Diet can motivate to follow up and stay on a more moderate diet plan. Also, it is highly advisable to supplement the diet with appropriate multivitamins.

The Cabbage Soup Diet shows instant results, but being very low on essential nutrients like complex carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and minerals, it should be discontinued after seven days.


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