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Fat Smash Diet

What is fat smash diet?

Fat smash diet is new diet approach to help you stay fit. This diet plan has been formulated by one Dr. Ian smith. Being a member of the celebrity fit club he was shot into fame and came up with new diet plan called fat smash diet which promises good results just in nine days for people who are obese and are fed up with their extra pounds of flesh. The good thing about this diet is that it really works and is sustainable also. One more specialty about this diet is that it does not prescribe any restriction and you are free to eat as much fruit and green vegetables as you can. This is something unique about this the fat smash diet. As the name suggests the diet session followed in this diet plan helps burn extra weight and make your health sound. It is very easy to understand that once you start relying on green vegetables and salads there is no reason why you should not be fit and fine. This kind of foods provided you adequate nutrition what your body really needs. Moreover you also don’t fall back upon fatty foods and you are no longer prone to diseases like diabetes and hypertension. This is because you don’t let the fat accumulate in your body going the fat smash diet way.

What to do in fat smash diet plan ?

The fat smash diet plan takes not more than three months and these three months have been divided into 4 different phases. During this period you don’t have to keep yourself on toes. You can lead a formal lifestyle and take a practical approach to your eating habit. Once you do it you don’t have to be worried about diseases like cancer and all. So what to do in the first phase remains to be seen. Phase one is basically devoted to detoxification. It takes nine days during which you cleanse your body from inside and for that you have to give up some bad habits like smoking and taking alcohol. At the same time you have to rely mostly on fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal, tofu, eggwhites, low fat milk and brown rice are some other preferred foods in this phase. Now days are over and switch over to the second phase. Phase two lasts not more than 21 days. In this phase you continue the food items you were taking in the first phase but one thing you can add to it is the lean meat. In addition to it you can also eat cheese, coffee, unsweetened cereal and turkey fish. Now comes the third phase. This phase takes not less than 28 days and in this period you can add whole wheat, pasta, fresh juice, whole grain and peanut butter also. This is called the construction phase when you provide body building substances to your body. In the 4th and last phase you are free to take starches also while keeping the earlier routine intact. Even limited quantity of beer and wine is also allowed in this phase. This phase you can continue for life if you have learnt how to regulate you diet in a healthy manner. By this time you are supposed to know how to handle you eating habits. Basically this is the way you can lead your whole life and for that you need to have self monitoring capacity. Here social and family support matters a lot. If you get positive reinforcements you will have no problem in handling fat smash diet plan.


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