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Liquid Diet

A liquid diet contains either all liquid uptakes, which could be in the form of juices or teas or partial meal substitution. Most of the liquid diets are not suited for extreme or long-term weight loss. Nevertheless, it is very beneficial for certain kinds of processes – both pre and post operation, they are a kind of systematic plan for therapy (including diet) that is demanded in following surgery on the stomach and/or intestines to help a person with lose weight. This is known as bariatric surgeries.

Liquid Diets during Bariatric Surgery

Most doctors do not prescribe a liquid diet unless a person is to pass through certain operation that contains sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. During pre-operative cases, a liquid diet does several functions: It cleanses the bowels and thus decreases the strain and promotes digestive system. Permits beverages such as tea, coffee, broth and sports drink; also allows some juices, if constrained earlier. Before commencing this sort of liquid diet, a doctor furnishes an elaborate fact sheet on how to go forward and for what period of time. People who pass through bariatric surgery may need to pursue an all-liquid diet for at least ten days along with the procedure.

Liquid Diets during Extreme Obesity

In various cases, excessive obesity is cured with a fluid-only diet. This may be productive initially, but should be supervised by a doctor for some negative side-effects. A general opinion all the same is that this sort of treatment will not teach the person about the importance of healthy eating, which helps preserve the weight loss.

Health Issues

A liquid diet may not render the required nutrients to keep enough energy levels in most people. One can achieve short-term weigh reduction, but when protein shakes like liquids are finally carried off from the diet, flesh tends to be regained. Those who set out on a juice fast – also comes under the category of liquid dieting – may feel it less satisfactory. The deficiency of fiber and proteins is also a matter of concern among several physicians. In most cases, the substitute of solid food with fluids, even though medically monitored, may not be practical for those who want minimum amount of weight loss.

Several people think that fluids will purify the system of impureness, even those that have developed in the liver. These impressions are generally found incorrect, with the caution that the avoidance of most processed foods is invariably good. The fear lies primarily with an overzealous approach to a liquid diet in which person may neglect the all-important proteins, vitamins, fibers and other necessary sources for most desirable health. Finally, nutrition and resistance to ailment will suffer in the attempt to accomplish a more defined body-build. Integrating a fluid meal substitute can be a satisfactory way to lose a fixed amount of weight, but must be used in alignment with regular food.

Without proper diet control habit, this fluid-only diet therapy has a tendency of failure. Short term weight loss is caused due to very low total calorie content, if not managed properly, one may regain weight.


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