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Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma diet is a unique saporous weight loss program that brings in concert the art and science of food. Sonoma is an area in California, USA that is known for its vineyards. The Sonoma diet was not developed in a laboratory as is with other weight loss plans; in fact, it originated in two agriculturally most vital areas of the world; the Sonoma Valley California and costal region of Mediterranean Sea. These two areas have in common, the festive approach to eating – a heart felt affection for food that converts every foodstuff into a jubilation of life. Broad choices of recipes are requirements of Sonoma Diet.

According to the Connie Guttersen who has developed this Sonoma diet, the diet plan comprises dealing with portion sizes and eating “power foods”. This ‘power food’ mainly consists of 10 items with rich nutritional value and intense flavors. These are whole grains, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, tomatoes, grapes and olive oil. Similar to South Beach diet, Atkins diet and Zone diet, the Sonoma diet has three specific phases known as waves.

Three Waves

Wave 1: This continues for about 10 days; here you receive yummy breakfasts, lunches, and dinner cooked with health foods. An advantage of this phase is that you will start eating all sort of your favorite meal. Unlike other diet plans, this is not confined carbohydrates, instead adds breads and whole grain cereals.

Wave 2: This stage is the most important part of your diet. Here you are instructed about the detailed eating plan, which is required to be followed till you achieve your targeted weight. Wave 2 is related to diversity with a wide range of foods containing fruits and wine.

Wave 3: Sonoma Diet’s third stage starts from the day you have ultimately achieved your ideal weight. Once the targeted weight has been achieved, this becomes life-long preserving phase. Here you are taught to maintain the weight loss as well as to adhere to healthy eating lifestyle.

This diet does not come under the category of low sugar diet or low-carbohydrate diet. Individuals taking this diet plan are permitted to eat cereals, breads and whole grains during all three waves of the diet. The program just suggests avoiding saturated fats, white flour and items with extra sugar.

Plate and Bowl Concept

The secret of enjoying eating is to have correct foods in the correct quantity. Think of it, this is truly the simplest healthy way to reduce weight. Aren’t you fed up of calculating calories, and carrying on with austere food restrictions? The primary concept of the Sonoma diet is that meal should be relished even while dieting. In contrary, other weight loss plans have elaborate list of instructions to be followed, this induces fear or hate among dieters. Sonoma diet brought in a concept known as ‘plate and bowl’. Entire meals are allotted a particular plate size, with elaborate directions on how the plate must be filled up as well as matching wine according to the meal.


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