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Cookie Diet

Obesity brings in its trains a number of health problems and many medical practitioners have considered diet regimens to control weight. Introduced in 1975 by Dr Stanford Siegal, the Cookie Diet is fairly popular across North America, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The Cookie Diet is a result of various studies and experiments by Dr Siegal aimed at finding out what foods work best for suppressing hunger.

Ingredients in Cookie Diet

The Cookies used for the Cookie Diet is a result of studies conducted by Dr. Siegal using his background knowledge of Chemistry, as to the types of food that can naturally control the feeling of hunger. Dr Siegal realized from his experience in treating overweight patients that it was the feeling of being hungry that derailed all diets and therefore he worked out a formulation that could effectively control the need to eat food because of being hungry.  People on the Cookie diet eat six specially made cookies in the whole day and at dinner time they eat a light meat made up mainly of lean meat and wholesome vegetables. In all those on the Cookie Diet eat just 800 calories a day and take vitamin and mineral supplements (as tablets) so as to ensure that the nutritional requirements of a healthy body are met. One important aspect of the Cookie Diet is that it uses no drugs to suppress hunger. It is the ingredients that the cookies are made up of; barn, oat, whole wheat floor, rice; which possess hunger suppressing capabilities. The ingredients are baked into the shape of a cookie and though they are not very rich in flavor, people can choose from among chocolate, raisins and coconut.

Criticism of Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet, although very successful, is not without criticism. The biggest criticism comes from nutritionists who claim that 800 calories is too less a calorie intake. They insist that 1200 calories a day is the bare minimum for a healthy body. They also feel that as the diet lacks fruits and vegetables, it will lead to long term ill effects. The concentration of saturated fats, which are known to lead to heart ailments, is also a pointed criticism at the Cookie Diet. They consider the Cookie Diet to be an irrational and difficult to follow, citing that at such low calorie intake surely one loses weight but is not necessarily left feeling healthy.

Popularity of Cookie Diet

Despite much criticism the Cookie Diet has found much favor with those seeking to lose weight and its popularity is surely growing with the special cookies and diet plans now available and purchased online. Undoubtedly, as every other diet, the first few days of being on the Cookie Diet are difficult, but over time the craving for food decreases, making it easy to stay on course. The combination of the ingredients in the cookie and specific meal menus ensure weight loss without starving the body of essential nutrition. And like every diet, it has to be each to his own to see if it works for you or not.


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