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Diet Supplements

What is diet supplement?

Diet supplement is a kind of complimentary medicine which works as an alternative medicine for your health and worries. Here medicine does not mean that you take pills only as diet supplement. Minerals, vitamins, herbal products and other such things come in the category of diet supplement. Moreover, diet supplements also come in the form of pills, powders, capsules and liquids. Thus both herbal and natural products are there for you which are considered good diet supplements. Moreover, there are many over the counter products which you may subscribe only with the permission of a doctor. They play a vital role in your overall health and fitness. And the kind of diet supplement you take depends on the state of your health. As for example, pregnant women are recommended to take folic acid as the diet supplement as they need it during this delicate period.


Many people are of opinion that there is no need to take doctor’s advice before taking the diet supplements as there are freely sold in the market with suggestions and warnings categorically mentioned. Not only this, they take it for granted that taking these supplements will always work and there is no side effects attached to it. It’s true that production and selling of these supplements are controlled and regulated by the governments but it doesn’t mean that you take them on your own. Consuming large dose of these diet supplements may be harmful for your health as it may raise the toxic level in your body. Consumption of excess of vitamins and phosphorous may raise new health problems and so it is always better to consult a doctor before you go for it. Besides, stop taking it the moment you feel uncomfortable with it or any unwanted symptoms come up mid way. In this condition also, you need to see a doctor to get a better remedy and stop taking it if doctor says like that. In addition to all these precautions, be brave and don’t trust all the titillating slogans put on the products sold in the market in the name of dietary supplement. There are also misconceptions that diet supplements are quite safe and can be taken with any prescription medication but before thinking that way, you better converse with a doctor as to if it is really safe or will hamper your medication.

Regulations for diet supplements

The Federal Government of America defines the diet supplement as a kind of food and says that it should not include any composition that carries the risk of illness. If it contains so, it should be clearly mentioned on it. If no direction is there, it may be used normally and if it gives any side effect that is not proven then there will be on the manufacturer as side effects can’t be detected quickly.

What to do in adverse reaction

If you notice any adverse reaction occurred, you need to talk to the local practitioner quickly for emergency medication. There may be a fatal situation and in that case hospitalization is must and so don’t take it lightly.


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