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Dash Diet

What is Dash?

DASH stands for dietary approach to stop hypertension. In other words, following the prescriptive diet to control hypertension is the game plan of this concept. Hypertension or high blood pressure has become a quite common malady among masses. It is very dangerous and that is why it is called silent killer. High blood pressure is itself a disease and it also causes other complications in the body making the patients good for nothing. But this very problem can done away with by some prescription diet that is better known as dash diet. Blood pressure as you know is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of arteries. Higher the pressure, the greater will be your heart palpitation rate. If the pressure goes beyond a limit, it may cripple some of your organs permanently. But if you go the DASH way you may have better results as the dash formulator claims.

Go DASH way

Are you ready to follow this dietary approach to lower your hypertension? Yes you are. Then better adjust your diet according to this diet plan. The DASH requires you to maintain a balanced weight that is healthy for you. Not only this, do regulate your daily routine and find time to go for workouts and exercises. I think it’s not hard to do once you realize the severity of hypertension illness. Some medications are also allowed within this diet session which makes this diet plan a bit different from other such plans. Now question remains as to what to do. First of all, limit your salt intake. You are not supposed to take salt more than 200mg per day. Besides, be careful about the hidden salt. You may not know what you are eating may have salt content and you are not aware of it. Taking salt substitute would not be a bad idea and for that you may consult a doctor to find a better option. Next, avoid taking fried and fatty foods as it raises your blood cholesterol level. Better concentrate on the boiled food that is good for health. Do you drink? Oh! No. It weakens your heart muscles and makes you more prone to hypertension. Avoid taking alcohol and rely on less calorie liquid intake. Now you need to check with your doctor and be sure that you are taking more than 2000- calorie in your diet. This is what this DASH diet permits for a day meal.

Has DASH got approval?

Yes. Dash has hot wide approval. Many diet and medical institutions have given their nod to it across the globe. For example the US heart association, The US department of health and human resources and other dietary guides in the America and Europe have given their approval for Dash. Actually many people suffering from hypertension may not afford to take medicines or their body fail to sustain over medication. In this condition, it is always better for them to follow a restrictive diet plan which is not hard to incorporate in their lifestyle. Once they become use to this kind of diet, they no longer need to take any prescription medicine.


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