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3 Day Diet

Quick way to loose weight

The 3 day diet concept is round the corner and since 1985. it is also a fad diet gaining ground with every passing day. Although weight loss is the more obvious reason why people are falling upon it but there are other reasons too for its popularity. With weight loss this diet also promises increased energy, active metabolism and low level of bad cholesterol in the body. The diet promises to lower10 to 12 pounds of your extra fat if followed perfectly after which you are free to resume your daily normal routine diet. Although it seems a bit exaggeration as no exercise is mentioned in this diet plan but it is still more desirable among the obese folks. As the name suggests this is a very specific diet plan one should adhere to it word for word for his own sake. If you go for it you are not supposed to deviate if otherwise your weight loss scheme would result in a fiasco.

What and how to eat

On the very first day your breakfast is restricted to black coffee and a small quantity of grapefruit juice with one or two piece bread. Your lunch should not be different from this breakfast and in dinner an ounce of lean meat, one cup vanilla ice-cream, one cup carrot and apple and one or half piece of apple would suffice your need. Now comes the second day when your breakfast will be a black coffee, half banana and just one bread. The breakfast will be followed by eight saltine crackers and just one cup tuna as your lunch. For your dinner you will be provided one cup cabbage, 2 or 3 beef franks, one banana and a little amount of vanilla ice-cream. Don’t loose your patience as third and last day starts now. Be happy with black coffee again with a small amount of sweets and one ounce of cedar cheese and half apple in your breakfast. In lunch satisfy yourself with one boiled egg, a piece of bread and again a cup of black coffee. In dinner you have to rely on liquid diet only like one cup of tuna, cauliflower, melon and vanilla ice-cream each. Meanwhile you are allowed to drink 3 or 4 cups of water each day. Your three day diet session is over.

3 Day Diet - Does it really work?

Experts are of opinion that this three day diet session leaves a magical effect and active metabolism with fat burning process starts up quickly. But many of the therapists say that there is no such thing as such if you repeat this 3 day diet session after every 4 or 5 day normal eating you may bear fruit out of it. This is because you take very low calories during these three days. In general it is advised to follow a healthier lifestyle followed by regular exercise. That will be more instrumental in loosing weight. You have wide variety of low calorie food to take. Restricting yourself to a limited diet plan for a short period may not be good option for your weight loss plan although 3 day diet is also not harmful in any case.


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