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Yoga Exercise For Weight Loss

Yoga exercises are widely practiced by many to reduce weight. Along with the weight reducing diet yoga helps shed excess weight effectively.

We must exercise our lungs, as often as we can, by Yoga techniques with the emphasis on deep breathing, to enable them to come alive. Yoga exercises are not strenuous. Breathing and relaxation are inseparable function with the exercises the body does. Almost all exercises, involve every part of the body - the spine, the limbs, the chest and the abdomen. There is no spot reducing exercises as in others.

Though there are more than seventy postures in yoga; a few of which when practised regularly give good results in reducing weight. A few such exercises that stimulate the endocrine glands are beneficial for obesity. These are easy to practise daily at a fixed time. You must keep in mind that a natural diet will be more suitable for these exercises.

1. Dhanurasana Method:

  • Lie on the stomach and keep both the legs together.
  • Fold the legs slowly by bending the knees.
  • Breathe slowly in the normal way and lift your head.
  • Arch the back and hold both the legs with your hands near the ankles.
  • Stretch the legs held by the hand a little further to assume a bow's posture. Look up.
  • Remain for a few seconds in this posture Time can be increased after a few days when you are perfect.
  • Release the legs and lower them to the ground.Rest your head down and place the arms on your sides and relax a while and repeat the exercise two or three times.

This exercise stimulates all the endocrine glands from the thyroid in the neck to the sex glands in the pelvic region. The abdominal muscles stretch and enable good digestion. It cures obesity if practised very regularly. It also removes fatigue and lethargy. It is helpful in all irregularities of menses and obesity caused during menopause in women.

This exercise should not be practised by people suffering from hernia, people with spinal injuries and fractures and those suffering from stomach ulcers.

2. Yoga mudra Method:

  • Assume the posture of Padmasana - sitting cross-legged, placing the legs on the thighs of the opposite side, the heels touching the abdomen.
  • Sit erect and hold your right wrist with left hand at the back. Slowly bend forward and touch the ground.
  • While bending forward it is essential to exhale first and then bend, likewise while bending backward it is necessary to inhale first and then bend, because bending forward causes the compression of the abdomen and extension of the spine. If this breathing pattern is mastered, bending exercises will not cause any cramps, pains and other discomforts or giddiness and headache.
  • After sitting cross-legged, hands folded at the back, exhale and slowly bend forward and touch the floor.
  • Stay thus for a few seconds and gradually come back to the original position by inhaling deeply and lifting the head from the ground. Repeat a few more times. Relax and unfold the legs.
  • If sitting in Padmasana causes too much pain, the asana can be started with sitting on Siddhasana, i.e. crossing just one leg on the thigh opposite to it.



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