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Tummy Tuck Liposuction

Abdomen, if stretched too much by weight gain or else pregnancy is difficult to revert to its initial state, even through exercise schedules and diet programs. Tummy tuck also called abdominoplasty helps to make abdomen more attractive and toned by tightening loosened skin and all excess tissues. This technique helps to deal with all the folded and loose skin and constricted bands, arising after pregnancy or through drastic weight loss. The skin ends up stretched out without the ability to regain its initial skin tone by shrinking to cover the now smaller area.

If there is a great deal of fat to be removed, get it done through multi-stage liposuction, where liposuction is done in separate procedures. This will enable the naturally tethered skin much contractions to decrease the banded and folded skin. This might require excision with a scalpel to eliminate the redundant skin. Such corrective procedures ensure that the unnecessary skin will be cut and sutured in layers so that they will not come apart. Tummy tuck can be done with local anesthesia. It can remove stretch marks, but ugly scars can arise from the procedure.

Often the protrusion of stomach may not be from the subcutaneous fat, but as a result of the sticking out of the internal contents such as liver, guts, bladder, uterus and deep fat or omentum. It might not be possible to suction omentum without harm. If a cannula is inserted to liposuction the omentum, it can result in a deadly infection termed peritonitis. Damage of omentum can later cause terrible, even life threatening problems like stoppage of bowels and fiber bands.

Eligibility For Tummy Tuck Liposuction

If people possess unwanted fat and skin that overhang or sag. Determine if their belly muscle wall bulging from pregnancy or weight gain is weak. Another factor to be decided is to find out if there are excess fat or skin between the dermis, a leathery layer and the belly muscle wall. The locations where tummy tuck can be performed are: in the patient’s skin, in their fat and skin, in rectus muscle alone or in combined rectus muscle, fat as well as surface skin.

Different Types Of Tummy tucks

The simplest procedure is to remove unnecessary fat and skin, then sew the remains together. Try to reduce the scarring as much as possible. Sometimes tummy tuck is done on the surrounding area of the belly button or else in the folds. It is not possible to make small incisions, if huge volume of skin is needed to be removed. If the rectus abdominis or the main tummy muscle, which holds liver and bowel, is to be cut out and stitched, the procedure is termed deep tummy tuck. A deep tuck must be performed after strengthening the muscles through stomach exercising. Better not to combine tummy tuck with liposuction as germs can access the tunnels leading to danger. Some of the doctors believe that it is better to do stomach tightening exercises for natural tightening of muscles, rather than enduring the stitches to get muscle tightening. Still surface tucking can tighten the fat and skin.



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