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Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is a procedure that sucks out unwanted fat deposits from particular places beneath the skin, using a tiny vacuum. Liposuction procedure ranges from minor operations to major ones with different line of risks, pain level and recovery time. However, liposuction is neither an obesity treatment nor a method for weight loss. By undergoing liposuction procedure, it is possible to reshape specific body areas and face to enhance the body proportions through contouring, by withdrawing excess fatty tissues.

Liposuction Surgeon

Liposuction procedure begins by doing research to know all about it, consulting a couple of liposuction surgeons and trying to know as much about them and the liposuction procedures. Selecting the liposuction doctor is one of the most important keys for a liposuction procedure to be successful. In order to make the correct choice, check the liposuction surgeon’s qualifications, skills, safety records and success rates. Confirm that the doctor have training and experience in all the necessary liposuction procedures. Besides, find out if the liposuction surgeon adheres to the ethic codes strictly, fulfills all medical requirements and works in accredited medical institutions. Not only is liposuction surgeon important, but also other doctors who are in the surgery panel including the anesthetic.

Planning Liposuction Procedure

After discussions with the doctor decide which body area is to be targeted and the amount of fat that must be removed to get the expected outcome. Be open about personal details like your lifestyle including use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, general health and medical history like previous conditions, treatments, surgeries, and allergies. In addition, tell the doctor about all the current medications the patient is taking including herbal supplements and even vitamins. Doctor also checks out the skin tone of the patient. Never forget to learn about the complex liposuction costs. After evaluating the state of the patient’s health, different options, accompanying potential risks, anesthesia as well as complications, the treatment course and the techniques to be used are decided.

Before As Well As After Liposuction Procedure

Prior to three months before liposuction, stop smoking since it will reduce the healing capacity of the body. Another taboo is anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements since these accelerate bleeding. The next step is to do all the required medical tests and evaluations. During liposuction procedure, the patient is given previously decided anesthesia. After making tiny inconspicuous incisions, the sterile liquid is given for decreasing bleeding. Through the incisions, a cannula is inserted in controlled movements for breaking down excess fat. The dislodged fat must be withdrawn with a vacuum. If only a small quantity of fat is to be removed, then the patient can have it done in the doctor’s clinic or office and can go home after one hour. The recovery time will also be short. On the contrary, if large quantity of fat need to be removed, the liposuction procedure will be carried out in the hospital and needs overnight stay. Recovery time will be longer. After liposuction procedure, there might arise some complications including bleeding, bruising, swelling, temporary numbness, infections, contour irregularities, scarring, persistent pain and asymmetry among others.



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