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Arm Liposuction and Arm Tuck

The liposuction surgery is gaining wide popularity all across the globe in the recent times. It is also known as the most common type of plastic surgery done in the current ages. Arm liposuction and arm tuck is the second most common plastic surgery practised by the worldwide doctors, the first in place being the abdomen or stomach liposuction. It has been reported in the United States that over 100,000 liposuction surgeries meets with grand success every year. Obesity being a very common problem in the United States, liposuction surgeries is very common there and are the most suitable options regarded by the people who decide to improve on their appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of Arm Liposuction

There are many advantages which the individuals can avail after going for an arm liposuction or arm tuck. However the largest advantage which comes by going in for this particular surgery is the bare visibility of the scaring. This is because some holes will be placed in the region under the arm so that the fat gets vacuumed out from there. There are also certain disadvantages which are related to arm liposuction. The elasticity of the skin is very much involved with such type of surgery. After the surgery takes place it is found that some skin hangs which could not be successfully removed by the surgery. Often in these type of cases additional surgery is required and the patients have to undergo the same.

Arm Tuck

While defining an arm tuck it can be said that arm tuck takes care of the hanging skin which is visible after an individual goes for an arm liposuction. It also relieves the patient from the embarassing situation that he/she has to undergo after an arm liposuction surgery. After an arm liposuction surgery it is often seen that there is some skin which often hangs out and is also known as ‘bat wings’. This is generalky removed by the arm tuck. It is also the most common surgery which is practised by the worldwide doctors after the stomach liposuction. The surgeon who is involved in the operation follows a smple procedure of making an incision in the region of the arm pit and then aims in pulling of the skin which is in excess towards the same region. He then cuts off the skin and proceeds towards the sculpting of the skin to give back its normal shape.

Recovery Period

Arm liposuction has become very popular all across the globe and is opted by people who want to give their look a definite poise and charm. After the arm liposuction occus it generally takes the patients three to six weeks to recover. But this also depends on whether the patient has to go in for the additional surgery by means of the requirement of an arm tuck. The desire to remain fit as well as beautiful sees the soaring popularity of such beauty enhancement surgical procedures called arm liposuction and arm tuck.



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