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Liposuction Care

 Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that causes pain and complications like other surgical procedures. So liposuction care is very important after the procedure. Scarring caused by liposuction depends on the size of the cannula. If smaller cannulas are used, then scarring will be minimal. Patient will fell some discomfort, soreness and sometimes swelling after the liposuction surgical procedure.

Traditional Liposuction Care

The older methods for liposuction care consist of: closing the incision with sutures, using high compression garments, usually elastic for a lengthy period of two weeks to six weeks. These traditional methods sure leave much space for improvements and modifications, since these methods have many unpalatable characteristics. They comprise of several follow-up visits for checkups to the liposuction surgeon, tenderness, swelling and bruising.

On the sites where cannulas are inserted, there will be bruising, but can lead to a higher degree of ecchymosis. It is possible for patients to feel dysesthesia for some months, which will be settled eventually. Sometimes this condition can prolong, which is evident as hypesthesia. There can also be complications like persistent edema, hyperpigmentation in the areas where cannulas have been inserted, contour irregularities and asymmetry. Besides, there is also the danger of reactions to drugs or tape and formation of seroma or hematoma.

Post Operative Care

To minimize the seroma or hematoma, bruising and discomfort, compression garments are utilized. These specially designed girdles, elastic tape or binders are used for a varied period of about one to four weeks, though normally it is for two weeks. But if tumescent liposuction is done, the bimodal compression, an advanced technique is used for open drainage, and therefore the level of pain involved; bruising, swelling and recovery time can all be decreased. Open drainage process goes on for half a day to one and a half days. The compression garments are used only for initial few days. It is to drain rapidly the anesthetic solution used for tumescent procedure that will be blood tinged. This residual solution left behind inside the skin is responsible for the post operative bruising and swelling called osmotic edema.

On the contrary, if close drainage is used, the compression garments are mainly to forcefully absorb the anesthetic solution, which is blood tinged into the blood vessels in the body. This causes major swelling and bruising. During the liposuction procedure, lymphatic capillaries can be injured. It is these capillaries, which drains the antiseptic solution, away from the bruised body tissues. Temporary injury is unavoidable, but if the tumescent solution that causes it is trapped beneath, it must be eliminated through open drainage. Still in many hospitals and clinics antiquated techniques for liposuction care continue to be used.

If liposuction of the lower extremities is done, wear antiphlebetic stockings for support. Use of super-absorbent pads reduce staining from drained tumescent solution. Garments that are specially designed accommodates these bulky pads. Since tumescent liposuction has become popular, postoperative visits of patients to see the liposuction surgeon has been reduced. There are no sutures to be removed. Moreover, less pain as well as other complications has eliminated the frequent need to visit the doctor.



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