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Liposuction Complications

Just like other surgical procedures, for liposuction procedure also, there are different complications and risks. Normally liposuction complications are not so serious that it ends with the death of a patient. But there can come up situations, where there are minor complications and sometimes major complications.

Different Liposuction Complications

There can spring up excessive complications, as some doctors perform too many surgeries in a single day. The excessive surgeries can be of three kinds: in one day excessive amount of fat can be removed, or liposuction of too many body areas or liposuction combined with any surgical procedures that are unrelated involving severe surgical trauma, as well as lengthy exposure to anesthesia, particularly general anesthesia. Severe complications have arisen rarely from DVT or blood clots occurring in the lungs or else in the leg, anesthesia, infections, hypothermia caused by excessive body heat loss and allergic reactions to drugs. But there have been instances when cardiac seizures, cardiac arrhythmias that can be fatal and nerve damage, which might be permanent, have happened. General anesthesia can cause brain damage from lack of oxygen, protective airway reflexes creating aspiration of the contents of the stomach and aspiration pneumonia.

Some common liposuction complications that are seen consist of hematoma, seroma, disfiguring scars, skin discoloration and focal skin necrosis, nerve injury, numbness, fainting during liposuction and after it, temporary bruising, and adverse reactions from drugs. On the next day of the liposuction surgical procedure after urination, sometimes fainting or syncope has occurred. If the patient then injures the head or neck, it can lead to serious repercussions. Some of the other liposuction complications include bleeding, burning, abnormal contouring of the body, dimples, depression, fat embolus, heavy scarring or keloid, abdominal wall or bowel perforation, puckers, skin regularities, shock, swelling and tingling.

People who have been using alcohol will have difficulty to metabolize lidocaine. If the liposuction surgeons are not experienced, complications can occur from the amount of lidocaine injected for local anesthetic like toxicity, lightheadedness, drowsiness, metallic taste inside the mouth, slurred speech, tinnitis, convulsions, muscle twitching and shivering. If general anesthesia is used, it must be administered by a knowledgeable and board certified anesthetist or anesthesiologist. General anesthesia can cause undetected inherited hypersensitivity towards drugs used for anesthesia, unnoticed airway blockage or airway disconnection, and tendency to vomit.

Preventing Liposuction Complications

It is absolutely essential for the patient to entertain realistic hopes and expectations. Before doing liposuction, people must arm themselves with as much information as it is possible to obtain. Then it is imperative to choose the right liposuction surgeon. Besides, discuss with the liposuction surgeon all the details of the procedures, the patient’s medical history, general health, and lifestyle. Enquire about the chances of a successful surgery and the complications that can arise on the doctor’s estimate. Moreover, follow the doctor’s instructions without fail. Avoid alcohol, as it reduces healing and some anti-inflammatory drugs before surgery since it increases bleeding. By keeping the incision sites open, it is possible to drain the fluid for minimizing swelling or edema. Patients must be closely watched to prevent fluid imbalance or dehydration.



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