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Liposuction Garments

Liposuction garments are also known as 'compression garments' and are usually won over a considerable span of time after the liposuction surgery takes place in a successful manner. In fact the patients are advised to put on this garment for sometime for their own safety. It is especially recommended for tha patients who have undergone the kind of surgery in the waist, abdominal, thigh, arm and knee region. These garments are advised by the doctors because it provides the patients with the required support and compression in the areas in which the patients have undergone the surgery. If the patients are found reluctant to put on the liposuction garments in the manner desired then the end result of the surgery might tend to get compromised which would in turn lead to the utter disappointment of the patients.

Range of liposuction garments

The range of liposuction garments however varies with the requirements. Some of them are to tight to provide the patients with the required firmness while others are a bit more comfortably designed. The variety in the degrees of the liposuction garments is also vitally important in providing the patients with the required support. The garments are widely available in the market for both men and women and come in various colors, sizes, textures and shapes. When the patient who has undergone the liposuction surgery gets back to his/her normal routine he/she is advised to wear clothes which are dark and loose fitting. However they are mostly available in white color. The variety of liposuction garments available for men is comparatively lower than that of women. Most of the male liposuction garments are focussed on the areas of abdomen and chest only because it is those regions that the men undergo the liposuction surgery. The price range of the male liposuction garments vary from 50 to 200 USD.

Necessity of Liposuction Garments

Liposuction garments are very much required in the process of recovery of the liposuction surgery patients. These garments are not at all uncomfortable and they usually resemble like some kind of underwear which these patients need to wear and which one should not at all be ashamed of. In the earlier time the patients were required to don the liposuction garment for a span of 2-6 weeks but not with the advancement in the technological process one requires to wear them only for a day or two. As it is available with high level properties of elasticity it helps in the fluis drainage form the particular areas that have been operated. Both the recommendation of the doctor and the willingness of the patient are equally necessary for donning this garment. The choice of a liposuction garment is also done in a particular manner and it should be seen that it is smaller by one size than the gym clothes which are usually body hugging. So it is clearly evident from the above statements that donning the liposuction garment after the liposuction surgery is very much essential in order to get cured safely.



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