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Danger of Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most commonly known cosmetic surgeries prevalent in the world in the recent times. It is practiced on a large scale by the worldwide doctors. It is true that any medical surgery involves a lot of dangers and risks. As the surgery involves the loss of fats from localized regions it often tends to be a tempting option for the health-conscious freaks and it is in this die-hard attempt to shed off those extra kilos that the individual sometimes overlooks the dangers related to the liposuction surgical procedure. The greed and the lure of looking trimmer and gaining a perfect ten figure and also being showered with loads of compliments is the only thing that wanders about in the minds of the patients. It is this excess greed that sometimes leads them to life threatening alternatives.

Major Dangers

The most life threatening situation, that is death, can also be caused by liposuction. The risk of death out of every 100,000 liposuction surgeries performed, the number of deaths is 3. Organ damage is also another major danger involved in this cosmetic surgery. When the precision is made during the surgical procedure chances are high that the internal organ gets punctured in the process which might in turn leads to dreadful consequences. It is sometimes seen that while the surgery takes place some fat pieces gets crumbed off and floats off to the lungs which might sometimes choke the natural passage of blood. This might in turn lead to severe consequences and might also prove to be fatal in terms of life risk. Overdoses in the surgical procedure might also lead to toxicity.

Minor Dangers

The scars that appear after the liposuction surgery procedure is over is regarded as a permanent mark. The doctors generally recommend that to prevent the darkening of the scar tissue it should not be kept facing the Sun. swelling is one of the other minor dangers associated with the liposuction surgical procedure. This swelling might also take weeks to get proper and sometimes it is just a matter of few days before the swelling disappears. Burns is another danger which can often be seen after the liposuction surgical procedure. The liposuction which shows ultrasonic assistance makes use of a probe which when becomes too hot can cause burns. Uneven curves or lumps and bumps from the liposuction surgery often become the cause of concern in the liposuction surgical procedure.


How the dangers associated with the cosmetic therapy of liposuction can often become the cause of concern of the patients who are opting for the same. However with the advice, recommendation and suggestions of the efficient doctors the risks involved can be influenced up to a certain level. Before opting for the surgery one must think on his/her own terms rather than blindly following his/her friends or other such sources. Every single surgical procedure has its related advantages and disadvantages. One must be aware of them completely before going in for them.



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