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Non Surgical Liposuction

Since liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure, lot of people are not willing to undergo it, even though it is a very popular cosmetic surgery. They are frightened of the risks involved in anaesthesia, surgery, pain experienced, recovery period and expenses. Although not so effective like liposuction, the non surgical procedures do not have the risks of liposuction. There are different types of non-surgical liposuction. But for different people the opinion about what is non-surgical liposuction is different.

Natural Liposuction

Natural liposuction includes exercising, dieting, spa wraps and others to boost the metabolism of the body. But this method is rather dependent on a body’s capacity to get rid of the fat deposits on particular areas. It is effective only up to a point.

Topical Fat Ablation

Some non-prescription creams (OTC) and lotions can be rubbed into the skin, which will be absorbed, according to their manufacturers and reach the fat layer and dissolve it. But their effect has not been proved. There are also gel and also spray topical fat reducers.

Fat Loss Supplements

There are many fat supplements now that guarantees to make people lose fat. But it is not really possible to lose fat in the target areas with the help of these supplements. They are not healthy and will only give temporary results. The ingredients in these include items that will speedup the heart rate to bursting point making people to age fast or else they make people look thinner by urinating too much.

Infusion Lipolysis

A non surgical liposuction used these days, especially in US is infusion lipolysis. This method decreases the fat cell size by using a solution, which is injected inside the fat deposits. This facilitates absorption of fat cells, again causing the affected area to look smaller in size.


It is the most non-invasive technique used for body contouring. It dissolves the targeted fat deposits using heated laser, resulting in the tightening of the collagen of the patient. This procedure is a non surgical option used instead of face lift. Thermage tightens not only facial skin, but also that of the other body areas. Furthermore, it has the added advantage of being effective without pain.

UltraShape Non Surgical Liposuction

Similar to external ultrasonic assisted liposuction, ultrasonic energy is passed through the epidermis, as well as dermis without causing any damage, to break up the fat cells underneath. This ruptured fat is dislodged, naturally and without any risk. This process involves no bleeding, bruising, pain, burns and infections. The treatment must be done very three weeks and with each treatment, a person will lose 500 cc liquefied fat.


 To increase skin elasticity and heating the target area, VelaSmooth make use of infrared light. Conducted Radio often heats fat tissues inside the skin, causing fat cell to disperse inside the cell, increasing blood supply to a particular area. Mobilize the tissues using vacuum.

There are also methods like lipodissolve and mesotherapy. Tangible progress has taken place in non surgical procedures giving outstanding results. This has resulted in the gaining popularity of non surgical liposuction.  



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