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Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction is the most commonly practiced surgical procedures in the world in the recent times. The surgery is mainly targeted towards those individuals who want to shed those extra kilos from the localized regions in their body. They mainly opt for this surgery as that would help them to turn themselves into absolute beauties. But one must also be aware that the liposuction recovery period varies depending on the type of the procedure that the patient chooses to undergo. Recovery from this cosmetic surgery can be really uncomfortable but then most people are able to get back to their work within just 10 days.

Physical Recovery

After the procedure gets completed the pain remains for quit some time but the actual level again depends on the type of procedure that the patient has undergone. The swelling takes about two to two months to get recovered. The bruising again takes about 2 days to 2 weeks. The numbness lasts for about few weeks and the bandages are changed within a span of one to two days. One can obviously return to work after 1-3 weeks. The final result of this cosmetic surgery can be seen within 1-6 months.

Suggestions for Faster Recovery

To fasten the recovery procedure you must take adequate amount of water to prevent the process of dehydration. You should at all have an intake of alcoholic beverages after the surgery for a time limit of 48 hours. You must always resort to compression garments as and till the time recommended by the doctor. You must not at all indulge in applying heating pad or ice bags to those particular regions lying below the areas which were liposuctioned. You also should not put hydrogen peroxide or any type of plastic bands to the areas which have undergone incision. You must not also soak yourself in a Jacuzzi or a bath or even in swimming pool for a time being of at least seven consecutive days. This will in turn makes the chances of getting prone infection come down to a minimum level. Take assistance when you are going for the first shower after the liposuction procedure.


Some people hold this belief that since the surgical procedure of liposuction removes the fat cells from the body it is impossible to gain extra weight in the body. This information is however partially true. One must be aware of the fact that the number of fat cells in that of the body of an adult is numerous and liposuction removes only some of them on a permanent basis. The cells which stay further can grow big of you do not opt for a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regimen. This signifies that the same problem can be spotted after some time. But it is also true that the gain of weight after the surgery will get distributed on an even basis throughout the body. How ever the best suggestion would be to consult a massage therapist and go by his advice to get the fastest liposuction recovery.



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