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Liposuction For Breast Reduction

Performing liposuction for breast reduction is a better alternative than opting for breast reduction, using the traditional methods. The traditional method comprises of remodeling the mound of a breast on the basis of an inferior, central or superior pedicle, with a scalpel. Following this the skin is trimmed to the required size and covered over its new shape. But it will result in heavy scarring and a lengthy downtime. On the other hand, if liposuction is used for breast reduction, the result will be infinitesimally better. Liposuction does the breast reduction by eliminating the unwanted fat tissues of both men and women and if the skin is elastic enough, it will get an attractive breast lift.

Large breasts can cause not only emotional trauma, but also in women they produce many discomforts like breathing problems, skin irritations, back problems, skeletal deformities and neck pain. By undergoing liposuction for breast reduction, all these physical and emotional health problems can be resolved. In men, enlarged breasts or gynecomastia is a somewhat common condition. It can be rectified by sculpturing the male chest through liposuction. Glands, skin and body fat can be responsible for the size of the breast. Excess fat deposits can be removed through the process of liposuction for breast reduction.

Better Candidates For Liposuction To Reduce Breasts

Females having breasts, which are not too big and have good elastic skin, makes ideal candidates to undergo liposuction for breast reduction. Moreover, it is better to not have pendulous or extremely dense breasts. On the contrary, candidates must not be too thin either, as they will be possessing not fat, but glandular tissues. But after a woman has menopause, the glandular tissues gets replaced by fat. Other women might have areolas stretched to look enlarged. For another set of females when not wearing a bra, the nipples will be below the crease level of the breast. Physical activity gets restricted due to the physical problems experienced because of the weight of the breasts. The patients must be otherwise perfectly healthy and avoid smoking for some months prior to the procedure.

Treatment for Liposuction

Tumescent technique will not only reduce fat, but also gives a decent breast lift. Using microannulas, tiny holes of diameter, 1 millimeter are made for fat removal. Using this liposuction surgical procedure, the breasts can be reduced to about half their size. Its basic shape will not be altered, but they will be elevated and smaller sized in the same proportion of the quantity of fat withdrawn. Breasts appear elevated when the weight of the breasts is decreased, as it will naturally shrink using the skin elasticity. In men, excision of glandular tissues, when there is no fat beneath the underlying muscle and skin will look bad. If microannulas are used, then the surgical procedure will be less traumatic, ensure speedy recovery and return to normalcy. Furthermore, scarring will also be absolutely minimized and becomes invisible in a few months. For dark colored patients, there will be increased pigmentation on the incision areas, which disappear in one to two years.



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