Does Skipping Breakfast Lead to Weight Loss?

Does Skipping Breakfast Lead to Weight Loss?

There are various myths regarding the first meal of the day. Some of them claim that skipping breakfast can increase the risk of weight gain. While others suggest that skipping breakfast can be good for weight watchers and promote weight loss. Many young adults tend to skip breakfast due to their hectic schedules. Hence, it is necessary to determine the effects of skipping breakfast on one’s health:

Skipping breakfast can lead to poor eating habits

Some studies suggest that people who skip breakfast have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. This may be true due to their poor eating habits. People are more likely to consume junk food and sugary foods when they are hungry. It was also seen that people smoke and drink more alcohol when they are hungry as a way to curb hunger. It can also lead to tiredness and affect your mood negatively. Such people exercise less due to a lack of energy. Skipping breakfast can also reduce the intake of fiber and essential nutrients.

It can affect the exercise performance negatively

Breakfast is an important meal if you work out during the morning or the afternoon time. It provides the required energy for the workout and helps in the completion of the workout efficiently. It also helps in maintaining the energy level of the body throughout the day without leading to exertion. It also enables you to burn more calories as compared to when the workout is carried out on an empty stomach. If you like to work out early in the morning it is necessary to eat something after the workout to replenish the energy. This enables the body to work properly and helps in the completion of work tasks on time.

While some studies conclude that skipping breakfast is not ideal for weight loss and good health, others suggest that it can be beneficial. Let’s know how.

Skipping breakfast can make intermittent fasting easier

Under intermittent fasting or the 16/8 method, you eat only during the 8 hours between noon and evening. This means you cannot eat breakfast while fasting. Hence if you like to skip breakfast you can try intermittent fasting by limiting your intake till 8 pm. It focuses on when to eat rather than regulating the type of food you eat. This fasting method is said to boost brain function and can promote healthy weight loss. It can boost metabolism and help in avoiding overeating. You can try the method for a few weeks to see whether it works for you or not.

Helps in regulating calorie intake and may boost metabolism

Since lunch is the first meal you consume it can reduce your calories intake and help in maintaining calorie deficit during the weight loss process. Studies suggest that people who consume breakfast are more likely to eat more calories throughout the day. Skipping breakfast is a good option for people who can control their cravings and opt for healthy foods. It may also boost the metabolism which can increase the number of calories you burn.