Best Weight Loss Programs: Safe Options That Give Fast Results

Weight loss is a big issue for those who have gained the excess of it. Once the weight is gained, it becomes too difficult for people to lose it, and it affects their life and mentality badly. Many experts suggest different weight loss programs, and today; one can find thousands of such programs on the internet to overcome this situation. However, for many such programs, the accuracy is under scrutiny, there are some programs which experts also have recommended. Here are some of such programs that can help one get good and quick results.

  • Intermittent fasting: It is a way to control weight by restricting food intake for 14 to 24 hours. One can go for alternate fasting or 2 or 3 days fasting a week as per his health and weight. For the women close to menopause, this fasting can be highly beneficial. One needs to control the food intake during the non-fasting period to have the desired benefits of this weight loss program. It can work as a quick fat burner, and hence many experts suggest the same.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet: It is another popular weight loss program created by experts at Mayo Clinic. In this program, the focus is on diet and exercise as well as food habits. The experts focus on food which is full of fibre and low on sugar as well as saturated fat such as full-fat meat and dairy items. Regular exercise can help one lose calories while a low intake of calories from food can help one control the increase of calories and hence lead to significant weight loss. Though there is no research is carried out about this diet program people who have used it have claimed a good success.
  • Ornish Diet: In this diet focus is on eating fruits and vegetables which have natural fat to a limited extent only. Though this weight loss plan is believed as one of the most successful plans, one needs to be highly careful while planning the diet as in this plan, only fruits, vegetables and whole grains are consumed. Nuts, oils and seeds are strictly prohibited, and hence one needs to be more vigilant while following this plan.
  • MIND Diet: In this weight loss plan, one can go for vegetables, fruits, whole grains and foods with healthy fats. The experts ban food items with trans fat and saturated fats to curb weight gain. One needs to follow this diet plan for the long term to gain the desired benefits. It is said that this diet plan is also much useful to counter neurodegenerative issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Vegetarian Diet: Those who are strict vegetarian can go for this weight loss plan. In this plan food items such as tofu, lentils, and canned beans are used as alternate food to seafood and other nonveg items. One can go for the vegetables and fruits as well as juices under this weight loss plan. As per research, this is one of the most effective and proven weight loss plans.